With: Stéphan Roelants
Organisation: Studio 352
Duration: 120’
Price: Free admission, subject to availability.
Venue: Festival Headquarters, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art Contemporain

Animation is often underestimated by the general public. Often seen as niche, “genre” cinema and solely for young audiences, it is often looked down on. However, animation can add a new dimension to and enrich storytelling, allowing filmmakers to explore universal and trans-generational experiences in sensitive and touching ways. For difficult subject matters, animation allows filmmakers to tackle topics with a certain distance, leading to poetic results that wouldn’t necessarily be possible in realistic adaptations. In this masterclass with Stéphan Roelants – founder of successful Luxembourgish animation production company, Studio 352 – participants will explore the huge potential of today’s animation techniques

For teachers, the masterclass is part of the IFEN ongoing education programme. To sign up for the IFEN’s ongoing education programme, follow this link.

Sun 17/03 14:00 Casino Luxembourg FR Public
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