With: Sarah Sutter, Cyril Bossmann
Organisation: Zeilt Production
Duration: 90’
Venue: Cercle Cité

In this workshop, pupils and their teachers will get to know Zeilt Productions’ series, Nächst Statioun – Wëllkomm op der Äerd .

Firstly, participants will write a story inspired by a monument in Luxembourg City centre. In a second step, they will create a real storyboard based on the photos they took of the site and create characters to interact with the real-life environments. The team of Zeilt Productions will then process their work and send the results to the children.

In the Nächst Statioun series, Klaus and Mish, two small aliens no taller than an apple, are sent to Earth to prepare the ground for an invasion. They need to find an appropriate alien headquarters. What could be more impressive than a site of historic, cultural or natural significance? They start to visit potential monuments and sites in the Grand Duchy but due to their bad luck and clumsiness, get into difficulty after difficulty. Never mind, at least they have time to share lots of interesting facts about the history of the sites they are visiting along the way.


Tue 12/03 08:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Tue 12/03 10:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Wed 13/03 08:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Wed 13/03 10:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
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