Submissions 2019

Due to the volume of submissions received so far, all entries going forward will be considered for LuxFilmFest 2020. Thank you for your understanding.  

We will consider submissions in the following categories:

  • feature films
  • documentaries
  • Luxembourgish (co)productions
  • Kids, educational

We do not accept nternational short films at the moment.
Winners of each category are selected by the different international juries and awarded their respective prizes. The Grand Prix comes with a €10,000 cash prize, while the Documentary Award is worth €5,000.

There are no entry fees. 

Competition Entry Requirements
Entries must be submitted by filling out the form below. For any further information, please contact

Our preferred format for submitted content is a secured link (such as Vimeo) or a DVD/Blu-ray if that is not possible. Please contact us first if your film is in another format. No disks, documents, or other materials submitted for consideration will be returned. We will confirm receipt of your entry by email.

Multiple entries from a same submitter are accepted. 

The Festival is not liable for any copyright infringement or unauthorised usage.

All films that are not in French, English or German must have subtitles in one of these languages.



Please mail your entry to the following address:

Luxembourg City Film Festival
11b, Place du Théâtre
L-2613 Luxembourg