LUCILIN "Spooky improvisations"

Organised by De Gudde Wëllen Culture Club

March 11, 2022 | Gudde Wëllen | Spots available: 50

The "Concert de Midi" have been part of a long tradition of free concerts offered by the City since 1983. The aim of the "Lunchtime Concerts" is to invite classical music lovers to a melodious lunchtime break in specific locations. The "Lunchtime Concerts", offered free of charge on certain Fridays, feature a repertoire ranging from traditional classical music to more exotic discoveries. Beautiful, lively, exotic or relaxing encounters are aimed at all music lovers looking for a diversified musical program.

With: United Instruments of Lucilin (Guy Frisch - percussion, Frin Wolter - accordion, Olivier Sliepen - saxophone, André Pons-Valdès - violin)

Reservation required // Tickets :



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