VR DAY 2022

As virtual reality content and interactive experiences are becoming more accessible for the general public thanks to affordable headsets and due to an increasing number of festivals embracing them in their programming, international experts from a range of backgrounds will take stock of where we are and debate the future of immersive art and Entertainment.

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9:30 - CAFÉ

10:00 - OPENING

Guy Daleiden
CEO, Film Fund Luxembourg

Myriam Achard 
Chief, New Media Partnerships and PR, PHI Montréal

10:15 - In conversation with... - Myriam Achard, Ana Brzezińska, Anaïs Emery, Michel Reilhac, Monique Simard

10:30 - SPOTLIGHT ON... The artists and producers behind the works shown at the 2022 VR Pavilion: creative processes, funding structures, business models, distribution opportunities and pandemic-related challenges. 

Speakers: Mads Damsbo, Avi Amar, Audrey Pacart, Michael O'Connor, Charlotte Bruneau.

Moderation: Myriam Achard


14:00 - Branching Out... How and why XR creators and producers diversify their business to stay on top of production methods, distribution trends, audience taste and market developments 

Speakers: Antoine Cayrol, Nicolas Blies & Stépahne Hueber-Blies, Tupac Martir, Laurent Witz

Moderation: Marine Haverland

Exploring new opportunities in the Greater Region... Exhibiting and curating XR works at museums and festivals in Luxembourg and its surroundings.

Speakers: Marie du Chastel, Laure Hendrickx, Christophe Salomon, Karolina Markiewicz

Modération: Yves Conrardy

Mapping out the way to the future... New pathways for XR and the audiovisual industry? How can XR survive and thrive in 2022 and beyond?

Speakers: Michel Reilhac, Antoine Cayrol, Olivier Fontenay, Guy Daleiden, Gillen Jobin

Modération: Ana Brzezińska

16:00 - CLOSING

Do 03/03 09:30 Neimënster Public

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