• Mit: Boyd van Hoeij (Filmkritiker, The Film Verdict)
  • Sprache: Französisch, Englisch
  • Dauer: 180’
  • Ort: Festivalhauptquartier, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain
  • Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 1 Schuklasse
  • Preis: Gratis

This masterclass by film critic Boyd van Hoeij is designed for students who want to think about the different elements that contribute to the conception of a film: the photography, the sets, the sound, the editing, the acting... in order to understand how these elements help in creating an atmosphere, a meaning, and emotions.

This workshop invites young participants to analyse some excerpts from recent and older films and introduces them to ways of critically evaluating cinematographic works, based also on a selection of articles by film critics from around the world.

Di 08/03 09:00 Casino Luxembourg Scolaire
Mi 09/03 09:00 Casino Luxembourg Scolaire

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