The Scorpion's Sting

Tobias Zielony, Chicks on Speed, M+M, Keren Cytter, Julian Rosefeldt & John Bock

EN, DE, 2015 / 84 min / / Surrealism

For this year's edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival, Casino Luxembourg presents "The Scorpion's Sting" at Utopia.

Warning: Age: 16+

Luis Buñuel's film "L'Âge d'Or" from 1930 is one of the key films of surrealism. Based on a scenario by Buñuel and Salvador Dalí and featuring Max Ernst as an actor, the controversial film was banned for fifty years.
"L'Âge d'Or" played an important role in establishing cinema's significance for the visual arts. Its influence on contemporary art - particularly on narrative tendencies of recent years - is obvious.

The ambitious art film project "The Scorpion's Sting" brings together the contemporary artists John Bock, Keren Cytter, Julian Rosefeldt and Tobias Zielony, as well as the artists' collective Chicks on Speed and the duo M+M.

These artists have created an equally radical and creative new production reflecting on the themes and motifs found in Luis Buñuel's early surrealist masterpiece. The six films are inspired by the six parts of "L'Âge d'Or", culminating - just like the six segments of the scorpion's jointed tail - in a poisonous sting.

The film screening is organised within the framework of the exhibition M+M - 7 Tage
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Casino Luxembourg
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1. Episode : Al Akrab
artist: Tobias Zielony
5 min.
without words

2. Episode: Golden Gang
artist: Chicks on Speed
16 min. 42 sec.

3. Episode : Euphorie
artist: M+M
7 min 46 sec.

4. Episode: Rose Garden
artist: Keren Cytter
8 min. 45 sec.

5.Episode: Deep Gold
artiste: Julian Rosefeldt
18 min. 45 sec.
without words

6. Härchen mit Momsen dran
artist: John Bock
22 min.

Di 03/03 18:30 Ciné Utopia Public

Warning: Age: 16+