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Juan Aguilar
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2014 / 19 min / In English / Court-Métrage

Having been bullied and confronted with intolerance and lies all life long Alex decides to do something about it and goes on a high-speed joyride. The next morning, a professor...

#chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator

Joe Piscatella
Movies for Schools
12-18 years

USA, Syria, 2013 / 74 min / Original English and Arabic version with French subtitles / Documentary

From her childhood bedroom in the Chicago suburbs, an American teenage girl uses social media to run the revolution in Syria.

From her childhood bedroom...

A Blast

Syllas Tzoumerkas
Official Competition

Greece, Germany, Netherlands , 2014 / 83 min / Greek with English subt. / Drama

Maria is running away in her SUV. Behind her, fire and a case full of money. In front of her, the hopeless vastness of the motorway. Only a day before she was a caring mother,...

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Ana Lily Amirpour
Official selection - Non Competition

USA, 2014 / 99 min / Persian with English subt. / Horror

The first Iranian Vampire Western

Strange things are afoot in Bad City. The Iranian ghost town, home to prostitutes, junkies, pimps and other sordid...

A Quoi Bon ?

Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2015 / 18 min / VO française avec sous-titres anglais / Court-Métrage

Benoît is leading a solitary and sad existence ever since he was left by his wife and daughter. Daily life is now punctuated by his boring work and the sending of mysterious...


Donato Rotunno
Young Audiences Movies
12-18 years
Movies for Schools
12-18 years
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Luxembourg, Belgium , 2014 / 98 min / Original Luxembourgish version with German and French subtitles / Drama

A history about love and the absence of love.

X and Shirley are 13 years of age; yet they are already familiar with violence, drugs and pornography....

Before Snowfall

Hisham Zaman
Movies for Schools
12-18 years

Norway, Germany, Iraq, 2013 / 105 min / Original Kurdish version with German subtitles / Drama

How far would you go to restore your family's honour?

A sixteen-year-old boy gets wrapped in plastic, and lowered into a tank truck full of crude oil....

Beyond Beyond

Esben Toft Jacobsen
Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years
Movies for Schools
5-12 years

Suède, Danemark , 2014 / 78 min / French and German version / Animation

The little hare Johan and his father have lived at sea since he was three and his mother disappeared. Johan likes the ship. It has a greenhouse where they grow carrots, and it...

Big Eyes

Tim Burton
Official selection - Non Competition

USA, 2014 / 106 min / English with French and Dutch subt. / Drama

A true story about art and the art of deception

“Big Eyes” tells the outrageous true story of one of the most epic art frauds in history. In the 1960s,...

Black Harvest

Jean-Louis Schuller, Sean Clark
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2014 / 96 min / English with French subt. / Documentary

Thanks to new extraction techniques, namely hydraulic fracking, North Dakota has been undergoing an unprecedented oil boom for the last ten years, which has lead to drastic...


Eskil Vogt
Official Competition

Norway, 2014 / 96 min / Norwegian with French and Dutch subt. / Drama

« Blind » is an experience 

Having recently lost her sight, Ingrid retreats to the safety of her home—a place where she can feel in control, alone with...

Crazy Cinématographe for kids - Crazy Bicyclette

Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years
Movies for Schools
5-12 years

Luxembourg, 2015 / 45 min / Luxembourgish and/or French / Special sreening

Cinéma forain sous chapiteau. A project by the Cinémathèque of Luxembourg City

Once again, the Crazy Cinématographe presents fabulous screenings around...

Das Zimmermädchen Lynn

Ingo Haeb
Official selection - Non Competition

Germany, 2014 / 98 min / German with English subt. / Drama

Lynn is about 30 years old and suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders. She has just finished therapy and returns home where she confronts the infinite emptiness of her...

Dear White People

Justin Simien
Official selection - Non Competition

USA, 2014 / 108 min / English with French and Dutch subt. / Comedy

A Satire about being a Black Face in a White Place

The election of Samantha White as head of a traditionally black residence hall sets up a college...

Dora or the sexual neuroses of our parents

Stina Werenfels
Official Competition

Switzerland, Germany, 2015 / 90 min / German with English subt. / Drama

When her mother decides to stop administering medication to her mentally challenged daughter, 18-year-old Dora awakes, as if from a deep sleep. Dora discovers her body, her...

Episode of the sea

Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan & the inhabitants of Urk

Netherlands, 2014 / 63 min / Ov Urkish and English with English subt. / Documentary

"Episode of the Sea" is the outcome of a two-year collaboration with the fishing community of a former Dutch island. Rendered in black and white, evoking neorealist drama and...

Extraordinary Tales

Raul Garcia
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, USA , 2015 / 73 min / English with French subt. / Animation

An animated feature based on the masterpiece by Edgar Allan Poe

A feature film anthology with five stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, each crafted in...


Veit Helmer
Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years
Movies for Schools
5-12 years

Germany, 2014 / 82 min / Original German version / Fiction

"Fiddlesticks" is a colourful story, packed with imagination, that will amaze you and make you laugh !

Bollersville is average. Its inhabitants get to...

Giovanni’s Island (Jobanni no shima)

Mizuho Nishikubo
Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years

Japan, 2014 / 102 min / Original Japanese and Russian version with french subtitles / Japanese animation

Brothers Junpei and Kanta live with their family on the Japanese island of Shikotan.

It is 1945, the war is lost and the island is invaded by Russian...


Rani Massalha
Movies for Schools
12-18 years

Palestine, Italy, Germany, France, 2013 / 85 min / Original English, Arabic and Hebrew version with French subtitles / Drama

The incredible transport of a giraffe from Israel to the last West Bank Zoo

Yacine is the veterinarian of the only zoo remaining in the Palestinian West...

Good Kill

Andrew Niccol
Official selection - Non Competition

USA, 2014 / 104 min / English / Drama

Egan used to live to fly. Now, he spends eight hours each day fighting the War on Terror by remote control and the remaining time at his suburban home. When Egan and his crew...

Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, ich seh)

Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz
Official selection - Non Competition

Austria, 2014 / 99 min / German with French subt. / Horror

If Georges Franju, Michael Haneke and Takashi Miike co-directed a horror movie (god help us!), this might well be it. (Indiewire)

In the heat of the...


Alain Margot

Switzerland, 2014 / 95 min / Russian and French (with french subt) / Documentary

Oskana is a woman, a militant and an artist. As a teenager, her passion for painting icons led her to enter a convent, but it was with the Femen movement that she finally put...


Sarah Hirtt
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg/Belgium, 2015 / 15 min / French with english subt / Comédie

Lucie and Chris are both about 40 years old. They come from different social backgrounds and meet when Lucie’s father marries Chris’s mother, to the great displeasure of the...

Kawaki (The World of Kanako)

Tetsuya Nakashima
Official selection - Non Competition

Japan , 2014 / 94 min / Japanese with English subt. / Thriller

A divorced and retired detective with psychiatric problems and a very short fuse hasn’t seen his daughter Kanako for years when he hears that she has suddenly disappeared...

Le miroir des apparences

Serge Wolfsperger
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2014 / 22 min / French with English subt. / Drama

In his show Männer Tanz (Men's dance), the choreographer JG asks an old dancer for a duet with a young woman embodying the revival of dance. But the old dancer...

Le Parfum de la Carotte

Arnaud Demuynck, Rémi Durin
Young Audiences Movies
3-5 years
Movies for Schools
3-5 years

France, Belgium, 2014 / 45 min / Original French version / Animation, Family

A program consisting of 4 short movies, all about the carrot, conceived for a very young audience.

These four  beautiful short stories  look good enough...

Les brigands

Frank Hoffmann, Pol Cruchten
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium , 2015 / 80 min / French with German subt. / Drama

Karl Escher has just spent three years in prison. He was innocent but pleaded guilty in order to protect his father, a well-known banker. Karl suspects his ambitious brother...

Masterclass Production Design


Conversation with Allan Starski and Eithne O'Neill, 2015 / 60 min / / Masterclass

In collaboration with: European Film Academy, d'filmakademie and Film Fund Luxembourg.

Rewarded with an Academy Award for the Best Art Direction/Set...


Nima Javidi
Official selection - Non Competition

Iran, 2014 / 93 min / Persian with English subt. / Drama

A fantastic, almost hitchcockian social drama.

After years of planning what promises to be a momentous change, the day has finally come for a young...


Bernard Bellefroid
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Belgium, Luxembourg, France, 2014 / 94 min / English and French with English and French subt. / Fiction

A homeless young hairdresser agrees to bear an older woman’s child in exchange for enough money to start her own long dreamt-of salon. Holed up in the elder lady’s English...


Laurent Prim
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2015 / 14 min / Luxembourgish with English subt. / Drama

In the middle of a bitter divorce, Max gets a phone call from Anne: They must meet at the hospital to identify the body of their long missing daughter. Anne hopes for closure...

Never Die Young

Pol Cruchten
Movies for Schools
12-18 years

Luxembourg, 2013 / 66 min / German version with English subtitles / Fiction Documentary

A radical, poetic and disconcerting film about the devastating damages of drugs

It's the story of a journey, of a curse even. The story of an addiction...

Oliver Twist

Roman Polanski
Official selection - Non Competition

United Kingdom-France, Czech Republic, Italy , 2005 / 130 min / In English / Drama

Abandoned at an early age, Oliver Twist is forced to live in a workhouse lorded over by the awful Mr. Bumble, who cheats the boys of their meager rations. Desperate yet...

Ooops ! Noah is gone…

Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack
Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years
Movies for Schools
5-12 years
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, 2015 / 85 min / Luxembourgish version / Animation

Whatever happened to the creatures that missed Noah's ark?

It's the end of the world. A huge flood is coming, large enough to wipe out every creature on...

Pervert Park

Lasse Barkfors, Frida Barkfors
Documentary competition

Denmark, Sweden, 2014 / 75 min / English / Documentary

The sex offender label is a scarlet letter in the USA. They are relegated to a life of public shame, with few opportunities for redemption. Only a small number of facilities,...

Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure

Gioia Smid
Movies for Schools
5-12 years

Netherlands, 2014 / 70 min / Original Dutch version with French dubbing / Animation

A charming animated adventure based on the long-running Dutch comic strip Pim & Pom.

The two cats Pim & Pom are best friends who live with their...


Amir Arsames Escandari
Documentary competition

Finland, Denmark, Sweden, 2014 / 93 min / Portuguese with English subt. / Documentary

A group of friends risk death to make their mark on the world

Four young men from the slums of São Paulo have one mission in life. Without any safety...


Diego Lerman
Official Competition

Argentina, Colombia, France, Poland, 2014 / 95 min / Spanish with French subt. / Drama

A mother and son on the run from an abusive husband. 

Dressed in a Spiderman costume, eight year-old Matías arrives at a women’s shelter with his...

Rocks in My Pockets

Signe Baumane
Official Competition

USA, Latvia, 2014 / 88 min / English with french subt. / Animation

A crazy quest for sanity

The film is based on true events involving the women of my family, including myself, and our battles with madness. It raises...


Fabien Colas
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2014 / 17 min / VO allemande/luxembourgeoise avec sst. anglais / Drama

A tale of estrangement between mother and child, and their enduring umbilical connection, ROXY is the story about a young man in search of his long-lost biological mother, whom...

Secrets of War

Dennis Bots
Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years
Movies for Schools
5-12 years
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, 2014 / 95 min / German version or Dutch version with English subt. / Drama

Two young best friends in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands find their bond put to the supreme test in a bittersweet ode to lost innocence.

Conflict rages...

Selkirk, le véritable Robinson Crusoé (Selkirk, el verdadero Robinso Crusoe)

Walter Tournier
Movies for Schools
5-12 years

Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, 2012 / 75 min / French version / Animation

Selkirk, a pirate who fears neither God nor man, sails the seas in quest of treasures.

Selkirk has a map that marks the location of the lost El Manila...

Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore
Young Audiences Movies
5-12 years
Movies for Schools
5-12 years
Made In / With Luxembourg
Fiction Features

Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, 2014 / 93 min / Luxembourgish version / Animation

On an extraordinary journey, Ben and his sister must unlock the magical secrets of their ancestry in order to find their way home.

Ben and Saoirse live...

Spot and Splodge Plottspotting

Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad
Young Audiences Movies
3-5 years
Movies for Schools
3-5 years

Sweden , 2013 / 44 min / French version & French version with Luxembourgish dubbing / Stop-motion Animation

Short film programme for every child's first movie theater experience.

Spot and Splodge are back! In a new series of six episodes, we once more follow...


Jafar Panahi
Official Competition

Iran, 2015 / 82 min / Persian with English subt. / Drama

A cab is driving through the vibrant and colourful streets of Teheran. Very diverse passengers enter the taxi, each candidly expressing their views while being interviewed by...


Aleksandr Kott
Official Competition

Russia, 2015 / 96 min / without words / Drama

They live in the steppe.

A father and a daughter. Nothing may disturb the eternal order. Tomorrow always comes. And every morning the father goes away...

The Clean Up

Jesse Allen
Made In / With Luxembourg

USA, 2014 / 15 min / En Anglais / Comédie

Two Mexican cleaning ladies clean a Manhattan office building. New to this country, city, and job, Alejandra is lead around by Paola. Paola's disdain for the office workers,...

The Joe Show

Randy Murray
Documentary competition

USA, 2014 / 101 min / English with French subt. / Documentary

Can democracy survive when persuading voters is more important than protecting them?

The Joe Show explores how Joe Arpaio has used fear, crime and his...

The Lesson

Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
Official Competition

Bulgaria, Greece, 2014 / 105 min / Bulgarian with english subt. / Drama

The consequences of the financial crisis on an honest woman who will do anything to protect her family. 

Nadezhda is an English teacher. Stunned by a...

The Light Eater

Sean Mc Cormack
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2015 / 12 min / In English / Animation

It’s Light Eater's first day of school and he has to sort things out on his own. Since his father passed away, his mother has turned away from her son and Light Eater has been...

The Look of Silence

Joshua Oppenheimer
Documentary competition

Denmark, 2014 / 103 min / Indonesian and Javanese with English subt. / Documentary

A shattering voyage into the jungle of human nature. (Robbie Collin, The Telegraph)

Through Joshua Oppenheimer’s work filming perpetrators of the...

The really amazing after-festival volunteers party

Luxembourg City Film Festival
Evening Event

Luxembourg, 2015 / 180 min / / Animation: A Boy Named Seb, Live DJ Saucisse aka Dop Massacre

L’an dernier, A BOY NAMED SEB et SUN GLITTERS avaient électrisé les caves historiques du Casino Luxembourg à travers une soirée Discovery Zone qui...

The Scorpion's Sting

Tobias Zielony, Chicks on Speed, M+M, Keren Cytter, Julian Rosefeldt & John Bock

EN, DEwithout, 2015 / 84 min / OV English, German and without words / Surrealism

For this year's edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival, Casino Luxembourg presents "The Scorpion's Sting" at Utopia.

Warning: Age: 16+...

The Supreme Price

Joanna Lipper
Official selection - Non Competition

USA, 2014 / 75 min / English / Documentary

In 1993, while Hafsat Abiola studied at Harvard, her father was elected President of Nigeria. The military annulled the election results. Hafsat’s father became a prisoner and...

The way he looks

Daniel Ribeiro
Movies for Schools
12-18 years

Brazil, 2014 / 95 min / Original Portuguese version with German subtitles / Romantic Drama

Not every love happens at first sight.

In this sweet and smart coming of age drama, Leonardo dreams of “going to a place no one knows you.” As a blind...

Three windows and a hanging

Isa Qosja
Official Competition

Kosovo, Germany, 2014 / 94 min / Albanian, Serbian with English subt. / Drama

Powerful drama about the culture of silence and shame left behind by sex crimes. 

In a traditional Kosovar village, the schoolteacher Lushe is driven by...

Toto and his Sisters

Alexander Nanau
Documentary competition

Romania, Hungary, Germany, 2014 / 93 min / Romanian with English subt. / Documentary

What happens when we discover that we can get more from life than our parents have to offer?

Together with his older sisters, Andreea and Ana, nine-year...

Trains of Thoughts

Timo Novotny

austria, 2012 / 85 min / / Film & Live Preformance

 With the support of the Embassy of Austria in Luxembourg in the context of « Österreich in Luxemburg, März 2015 ».

« Trains Of Thoughts »  ...

Views on iranian cinema


Conversation with Morteza Farshbaf and Claude Bertemes, 2015 / 60 min / In English / Masterclass

Conversation with the Iranian Director Morteza FARSHBAF (See International Jury) and Claude BERTEMES (Director of  the Cinémathèque).


War of Lies

Matthias Bittner
Documentary competition

Germany, 2014 / 89 min / Arabic, English, German with English subt. / Documentary

 “The truth is what is in this film. Everything else is false, even if the statements were made by me.”  (Rafed Ahmed Alwan)

“War of lies” is the story...

While We’re Young

Noah Baumbach
Official Competition

USA, 2014 / 94 min / English / Comedy

Josh and Cornelia, happily married middle-aged members of New York’s creative class, tried to start a family and were unable to — and have decided they’re okay with that. But...


Carlo Vogele
Made In / With Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2014 / 6 min / without words / Social satire

A sophisticated white sausage wants to enjoy her bottle of Chardonnay on the beach. But her plans are ruined by the raunchy and noisy meat around her.

Your beauty is worth nothing

Hüseyin Tabak
Movies for Schools
12-18 years

Austria, Turkey, 2012 / 86 min / Original German, Kurdish and Turkish version with German subtitles / Drama

Veysel, a 12-year-old immigrant, and his family have a difficult time dealing with their everyday life in Austria.

Twelve year old Veysel, half Kurdish...