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LuxFilmFest #10 - Night of the Kings

The summer break won't stop us from programming the next LuxFilmLab: On Wednesday, 4th August, Philippe Lacôte's feverish prison tale of Shakespearean beauty NIGHT OF THE KINGS (LA NUIT DES ROIS) will premiere at Ciné Utopia. After its debut at the Venice Film Festival 2020, the film was selected by Côte d'Ivoire for the Oscars race 2021 and toured the international festival circuit, screening among others in Toronto, Thessaloniki, Chicago and Rotterdam where it managed to scoop up numerous awards.

Inspired by Philippe Lacôte's childhood visits to the Ivorian La MACA prison where his mother was incarcerated for political reasons, Night of the Kings follows a new prisoner who gets mixed up in the power plays of the jail's aging de facto leader. Tradition dictates that the newcomer has to entertain his fellow inmates with an epic tale for a whole night: To survive until dawn, the young man starts spinning a century-spanning story of a legendary outlaw. Thus begins a prison drama that refuses all genre expectations and plays with the art of oration in inventive ways.

"Night of the Kings is through and through an intoxicating and immersive visual experience even as it unfolds almost like a filmed play.  [...] It makes for an ambitious, time-hopping trip that should keep audiences as entranced as it does the inmates. While there are potential political allegories to be drawn, Night of the Kings is primarily a fantasy, a paean to storytelling that succeeds on its own terms as a celebration of the very act itself.” Ryan Lattanzio, IndieWire

Tickets for the three LuxFilmLab screenings at 7 PM, 7.10 PM and 7.20 PM are available as of now in the Kinepolis webshop at the regular rates of Ciné Utopia*.


About LuxFilmLab:
The first Wednesday of every month, LuxFilmLab - a joint initiative by Luxembourg City Film Festival and Kinepolis - highlights one feature film, chosen in cooperation by LuxFilmFest's Artistic Committee and the Kinepolis programme team. A member of the Artistic Committee introduces the special LuxFilmLab screenings, with the aim of supporting films whose release dates didn't allow for them to be selected for the Festival itself but whose artistic qualities would very likely have led to their inclusion in the LuxFilmFest line-up.

*LuxFilmFest isn't involved in the commercial aspects of these screenings. Access to the screenings and ticket prices are set by Kinepolis.

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