Workshops & Events - 12/03

Here are the different activities on offer today:

The Backgrounds of Wolfwalkers. Discover the ins and outs of the production process of cartoon backgrounds. 2.30 PM, Cercle Cité (Age: 8+).
ATTENTION: The Sunday morning Masterclass Work in Progress : Wolfwalkers with Tomm Moore as part of the Animation Day (15/03, 11 AM) had to be cancelled.

Motion Lapse. In this animation workshop, participants will create their own characters and make them walk around using their freshly learnt animation techniques combining photography and drawing styles. 2.30 PM, Mudam.

In the Scene-by-Scene Film Analysis by film critic Boyd van Hoeij (The Hollywood Reporter), at the example of Costa-Gavras's classic Z, participants will learn about the different elements that go into making films and how they help create moods, meaning and emotions. 6.30 PM, Cercle Cité.

What's on ?


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