Documentary Award 2017

Documentary Award 2017


de Raoul Peck

The Documentary Jury made up of VLADIMIR KOKH, ARNAUD LAMBERT, JÉRÔME LASSERRE and MATHIAS THÉRY has presented the DOCUMENTARY AWARD BY BGL BNP PARIBAS (worth 5,000 €) to Rémi Grellety (Velvet Film), producer of the film I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO by Raoul Peck.

“First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge the quality and consistency of the selection of films submitted to us.

The majority of the films we have viewed shine a thought-provoking spotlight on relationships between populations, on racism, diversity, and the difficulties involved in listening to one another in our modern democratic society.

One of these films in particular stands out, in terms both of its masterful form and the lucidity and impact of its message. Not only does it succeed in reconstructing the prodigious reflections of writer James Baldwin and his tremendous power of elucidation (bearing in mind that adapting a text for the big screen is far from an easy feat), but it also succeeds, through an account written several decades ago, in exposing the history of the struggle of the black American people right up to the present day. By resurrecting this deeply singular voice, the film articulates some of the key problems facing our troubled and, in many ways, regressive world of today.

Probing the depths of the human soul, the film invites every single one of us, over and beyond our social and racial identities, to question ourselves about our life, our outlook, our fundamental beliefs and convictions. This film opens our eyes and allows us to consider the other.

By awarding this prize, we urge each and every one of you to discover Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro!”

The DOCUMENTARY AWARD BY BGL BNP PARIBAS, worth 5,000 €, was presented during the festival's Awards Night on 10th March 2017 at Kinepolis Kirchberg.

Photo: I Am Not Your Negro © Dan Budnik

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