by Sophie Deraspe


The Festival invited the Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg’s 6e CI04 class to watch and analyse a selection of 5 films from the 2021 Young Audiences programme. The SCHOOL JURY AWARD was presented to Sophie Deraspe's Antigone during the Festival's Awards Ceremony on 13th March 2021:

"We, the students of the Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg’s 6e CI04 class, would like to share with you our appreciation of the films screened during the LuxFilmFest before presenting our reasoned decision regarding this year’s winner of the School Jury Award.

We would like to unanimously underline the quality of the films and documentaries that we were able to see and that we talked about a lot in class: the themes the films tackled – namely young people, immigration, exclusion or marginalisation, friendship, fraternity, courage, humanity, tolerance and finally hope, determination and optimism – challenged us and pushed us to reflect on the lives of the different protagonists.

Here are statements to illustrate our opinions:

“My favourite subject is hope because as long as there is hope and when you are optimistic, you can achieve anything.” Nicolas about the protagonists of From Here
“I chose the theme of courage and the film Antigone because I find the young girl very courageous. She risks her life so that her brother can get out of prison.” Chloë
“I believe the theme of tolerance is shown well in the film Rocca Changes the World because you can see very clearly how people are judged just because of their style, or only because they are different.” Sofiya
“In my opinion, the film Antigone represented the theme of hope and determination very well. Antigone never abandoned her friends or the members of her family even though she knew they were wrong or guilty.” Chiara
“I chose the theme of humanity, because I think it perfectly sums up all of these films’ themes.” Johana
“I chose courage because I often have to manage on my own in everyday life. The film Antigone spoke to me the most.” Paloma

We are proud to declare the film ANTIGONE winner of the LuxFilmFest 2021 SCHOOL JURY AWARD.

Our choice is motivated by the following arguments:
First of all, this film is perfectly suited for the Young Audiences strand. The music, the camerawork, and the images gave rise to many emotions during the screening. Moreover, the close-ups allowed us to decipher the feelings of the protagonist. The issues addressed by the film are very present in society and it is a film that we will not forget anytime soon. The emotions aroused in us will indeed remain engraved in our memory.

The film is linked to Greek mythology as well as to current events, which is another positive aspect in our opinion. As this is a very special film, we believe that it will make the audience think and not provoke a cinematic “déjà-vu”, thanks to its non-black and white approach.

Thank you for having made us discover these films. It has truly been an honour and a pleasure for us to have been part of this year’s Festival as the School Jury."


Photo: Antigone © Antigone, Cinema Libre Studio

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