Youth Jury Award - by Kinepolis

Youth Jury Award - by Kinepolis

The YOUTH JURY AWARD - BY KINEPOLIS, worth 2,000€, will be presented by the 2020 Youth Jury during the Festival's award ceremony on the 14th March 2020 at Kinepolis Kirchberg which had to be cancelled due to the premature stop of the Festival on Thursday, 12th March following the increase in Covid-19 cases. 

However, as the members of the Youth Jury managed to view all of the films of their selection, they chose to give the YOUTH JURY AWARD - BY KINEPOLIS to BABYTEETH by Shannon Murphy.

Satement of the Youth Jury (Caroline Eberwein, Madison Jorge Fernandes, Milo Hatfield, Damir Mehic, Milda Mikalauskaiė, Aurélie Ragot, Gabriele Tuccillo):
“Over the entirety of the 10th edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival, we, the Youth Jury, have attended the screenings of 7 unique movies that offered new perspectives on captivating, yet relevant, themes. We were presented a wide range of films, varying from a road movie to a documentary, taking us from Canada to Australia to South Korea. The stories were accompanied by stunning images, touching characters and moving music.

Before announcing our winner, we would like to bring your attention to a remarkable film we hold dear to our heart. In it, the viewer follows two young French girls on their adventure through puberty and the struggles that come with growing up. On their way to adulthood, they laugh, they fight, they love, but most of all: they live. Thus, we highly recommend you watch ADOLESCENTES by Sébastien Lifshitz.

The unusual bitter story of our winning film, however, completely won us over. Focusing on the sweet relationship between a terminally ill teenager and a social misfit, its dreamlike aesthetic paired with the melodic soundtrack merge together to create a beautiful cinematography. Thus, the Youth Jury of the Luxembourg City Film Festival 2020 decided to award the Youth Jury Award – by Kinepolis to BABYTEETH by Shannon Murphy. Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful experience.”


Previous Winners:

  • 9th Edition - 2019
    by Wolfgang Fischer

    Honourable Mention
    by Jasmin Mozaffari

  • 8th Edition - 2018
    by Andrew Haigh

    Honourable Mention
    by Marta Prus
  • 7th Edition - 2017
    by Amanda Kernell
  • 6th Edition - 2016
    by Martin Zandvliet
  • 5th Edition - 2015
    by Raul Garcia
  • 4th Edition - 2014
    by Lucy Walker

    Honourable Mention
    by Destin Daniel Cretton

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