Animation Brunch

An event to introduce the general public to the animation sector in Luxembourg.

The Federation of Animation and Virtual Images Professionals invites you to a casual brunch meeting during the Luxembourg City Film Festival. On this occasion, you are going to have the opportunity to discover the animation sector in Luxembourg or get to know it better through small informative workshops about the jobs at the centre of our studios’ global renown in the film world.
The Federation’s members and the local studios are looking forward to interesting discussions over drinks and to answering all your questions about the sector, its main actors and perspectives.

The different professions which will be presented during the animation brunch are:

  • Characters and set design: presented by Studio 352 / La Fabrique
  • Storyboard / layout: presented by Doghouse / Studio 352
  • Animation and 2D technique: presented by la Fabrique / Studio 352
  • 3D animation: presentend by Zeilt
  • 2D animation and colouring: presented by Doghouse
  • Rendering / compositing: presented by Onyx 


The Federation of Animation and Virtual Images Professionals

The Federation was founded in 2015 with the goal of defending and promoting the animation sector and virtual images in Luxembourg and abroad. It offers meetings, talks and training courses to its members to help a promising sector to be as efficient and structured as possible. The Federation wants to reinforce and develop a sector that emphasises quality work and whose professionals, artists and technicians are listened to and encouraged to innovate. As a field of economic and cultural activity it is important to further talents and willpower that turn Luxembourg into a place renowned throughout the world for animated productions.

Duration: 90 minutes

In collaboration with FMAIV

Sun 05/03 12:30 Quartier Général Public
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