Art Tuesdays: Contemporary Art Documentation

Mardis de l'Art (Art Tuesdays) at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain: Round table. Performance by Clara Thomine.

These days, virtually all exhibitions are photographed or filmed for documentation, archiving, communication, promotional or other purposes. What role does the viewpoint of those filming/photographing the exhibition play? They are far from neutral… What do they make us see? The essence of the creation? Behind the scenes of the work, its context? What do they contribute to the work, to the artist, indeed to the public?

With: Thierry Besseling (director), Éric Chenal (photographer), Sarah Pialeprat (head of the Centre du Film sur l'Art and organiser of the Brussels Art Film Festival), Loïc Vanderstichelen (artist).


The Mardis de l'Art cycle runs in February and March 2017 and looks into the different forms and multiple roles of contemporary art documentation, analysing the added value it can bring to the work itself, the artist and the public. The conferences reflect on this outside perspective: the outlook on art, that of art on art itself – a self-reflection, so to speak. The aim is to reveal to the public that which is not (yet), no longer or scarcely visible, that which is not done or not said, the hidden faces of contemporary creation and of its genesis and context.

Part of the cycle echoes the film programming La commedia dell'arte. Screened at the BlackBox in February/March 2017 in association with the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art Contemporain, this selection of films takes a humorous look at art documentation

Tue 07/03 18:30 Casino Luxembourg Public
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