Experience the creation of sound for film in a playful manner. 

With : Bastien David
Language : FR / LU
Duration : 90’
Venue : Cercle Cité

Inscription: | Free admission subject to availibility. 


The aim of the workshop is to score two short films as a group. Each participant is expected to be both a musician and composer on the project. In order to create a collective piece of music, the artistic sensitivities of each and every one of the participants will be carefully taken into account. Together, they will choose rhythms and melodies to compose the music. Together, the group will improvise to create background sounds and foley sound effects. 

The music and sound effects will be recorded using simple elements such as singing or talking voices, whispers, and body percussion. Any unusual instrument or object brought along by the participants will be integrated into the composition. These various sound textures will then be meshed together to achieve a unique score.

The two animated short films have been conceived by director Manon David. The workshop will be led by composer Bastien David. The siblings have worked together on Manon David’s short animation film “Le Début de la fin” (2015) which was screened at five international film festivals, among which Cannes’s Short Film Corner.


Mon 26/02 09:00 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Mon 26/02 10:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Tue 27/02 09:00 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Tue 27/02 10:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Scolaire
Tue 27/02 15:30 Cercle Cité LU, FR Public
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