Croc Blanc - Masterclass Work in Progress

By: Bidibul Productions

With: Alexandre Espigares

Language: French

Duration: 90 minutes


In this masterclass you are going to journey through the creation of the animated film “White Fang” and learn about the different stages of its production process, starting with the earliest stages of graphic character research. You are going to witness the evolution throughout production, the technical and artistic difficulties encountered in transposing early design studies into computer generated images, as well as the colour research and final renderings.

During this masterclass you will be able to catch a glimpse of the project’s first moving images and gain insights into the motion capturing process and filming techniques used in the film shooting that took place in Luxembourg during September and October 2016.

“White Fang” will be released in February 2018 (FR).

Sun 05/03 11:00 Quartier Général FR Public
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