European Film Academy Young Audience Award 2021 - Online Edition

European Film Academy - Young Audience Award 2021

By: European Film Academy
Language: English
Films: Original versions with selectable French, English or German subtitles online
Date: 21st to 25th April 2021
Venue: Online, on
Participants: Teenagers between 12 and 14 years - Groups and school classes are also permitted
Registration deadline: 9th April 2021
Price: Free

Information and registration - Download the consent form

Each year, the EFA YOUNG AUDIENCE AWARD presents three European films to children aged 12 to 14 across Europe. In 2021, for the second year in a row, the EFA Young Audience Award will take place entirely online in a virtual format. In every participating country, from 21sr to 24th April, the young jurors are going to watch and review the three nominated films through an online platform, on The following day, on Sunday, 25th April, after a video deliberation with film experts and members of the LuxFilmFest team, they will select their winner and transmit their national results in a truly European vote to the EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY in Erfurt, Germany. The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on the website on 25th April at 8 PM, where additional information on the nominated films, as well as the 38 participating countries can be found.

Even though the event will be completely virtual, it will keep its important educational aspect from previous years through these video discussions.

Participation and the online streaming of the nominated films is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.


The three films nominated for the EFA ‪Young Audience Award 2021 are:

  • PINOCCHIO, by Matteo Garrone (Italy, France, United Kingdom, 2019)
  • THE CROSSING (FLUKTEN OVER GRENSEN), by Johanne Helgeland (Norway, 2020)
  • WOLFWALKERS, by Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart (Ireland, Luxembourg, France, 2020)



21st-24th April 2021 

Online screenings of the 3 nominated films with selectable English, French and German subtitles on
The registered jurors will have free access to the films through personalised accounts and individual log-ins using their e-mail addresses.

  • Streaming of films ends on Saturday, 24th April at midnight.
  • Only the jurors who watched all three films (to the end) will be able to vote.
  • Educational information about the films will be made available to the jurors.

Sunday, 25th April 2021

  • Video jury discussions with our film literacy specialist and a member of the LuxFilmFest team (exact time of the discussions to be confirmed soon)
  • Voting
  • From 7 PM to 7.30 PM: live stream of the award ceremony on the EFA-YAA website (

Additional information: after watching each film, every juror can prepare some questions to the directors/actors, that will be forwarded to the Young Audience Award organisers at the European Film Academy in Erfurt who will try to include them in their interviews with the nominated films' representatives.


Further information about the nominated films and the participating cities can be found on the official website of the European Film Academy - Young Audience Award.

Participation and the online streaming of the nominated films is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

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