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Eight installations by PLEIX.

Formed in 2001, Pleix was born out of the encounter of seven artists with different visions but the same desire to come together to mix complimentary approaches and draw on each other’s inspiration. They use different media (from video to electronic music) to deliberately misappropriate our surroundings so as to better understand them. Fortunate accidents and the small contradictions of life, are the ready-made meals with which the digital collective Pleix likes to feed itself.
Coming from the advertising world, Pleix examines our time’s contradictions in a playful and symbolic way, and reveals its subliminal messages.
On view on their website, their creations are regularly shown in contemporary art galleries, including the Centre Pompidou, the Grand Palais or the Gaîté lyrique in Paris, the Ferme du Buisson (Noisel), the Modern Art Museum of San Francisco, the Tokyo Museum of Photography, the MU (Eindhoven)… but Pleix, also comfortable in the avant-garde, has also successfully established itself on numerous film events. They have participated in festivals such as Onedotzero, Restfest, Nemo, the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival or, in 2015, at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival (Utah). Their works have accumulated numerous awards over the past years.
Pleix’s installations revolve around the loneliness of the human being and rail against overconsumption. Their leitmotiv could be what HG Wells called "An Experiment in Prophecy". Humans, in perpetual quest of pleasure, accumulate ceaselessly a growing number of objects. This overconsumption affects everyday life, as well as food and leisure, in a more and more dehumanized though growing society, where more and more people live and remain desperately lonely.

8 artworks by Pleix will be on display at the Cercle Cité in Luxembourg:
Watercool, Family Shade, Hybrid, Hot Spot (2 videos), Paradise, Astral Body Church and a new installation specifically created for the Cercle Cité Luxembourg, within the framework of the Luxembourg City Film Festival (25.02 – 06.03.2016)


Hot Spot and Paradise are kinetic paintings. A kind of pointillism combining happiness and demographic growth.

WATERCOOL (installation)
Watercooling is a method used to lower the temperatures of computer components by using a water-cooling system with the aim to gain great performances.
Often related to nerds (and/or geeks), who are to the years 2000 what the moped and car tuners were to the 70s and 80s.  The work could be credited as “Geek Art”, and casts an aesthetic externalisation of the, usually hidden electronic system. A kind of IT tuning pushed to its limits, an “anti-mac”, in response to all the technology products that become ever smaller and more discreet.

FAMILY SHADE (installation)
Family shade is a metaphorical representation of our relation to the media in our daily lives. We have become consumers of virtual worlds, regardless of the medium (television, Iphone, Ipad, computer); their omnipresence and their hypnotic and alienating power draws our attention. The environment is empty of any human presence, vibrations of the computer screen generate the only source of life.

HYBRID (interactive installation)
The animal has suffered the presence of men for years. Most of the time it is disarmed by its worst enemy, powerless to defend itself. One day though, these weak, hunted and bruised animals could get their time for revenge. Over time, they’ve evolved into fighters and show us their strength: teeth, horns, masks, and weapons. We then realize that fear has changed sides. As soon as the visitor approaches the screen, the animal becomes a warrior, it begins to shout, to scream, to roar and we get gripped by an uncomfortable feeling.

Astral Body Church is a humorous criticism of the modern cult of physical perfection. The installation presents itself as a triptych and operates as a living “stained glass” playing with references to religious iconography. Just like sculptures, bodybuilders with faces of old people, strike fitness poses in slow-motion. The subversive but also humorous demonstration illustrates the displacement of the worship of the spirit towards that of the body.

CODEC (installation)
A compression process of various iconic movie scenes provide a memorial extract in the shape of a light sculpture. This work will be shown for the first time.


Informations :
Date : 02/02/2016 - 06/03/2016
Schedule: 11h-19h
Location : Ratskeller, Cercle Cité (espace d’exposition et de rencontres)

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