International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Organisation: Ministère de l'Éducation nationale, de l'Enfance et de la JeunesseFondation Zentrum fir politesch BildungLuxembourg City Film FestivalCentre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA)Centre de Diffusion et d'Animation Cinématographique (CDAC), Cinémathèque de la Ville de LuxembourgSCRIPT (Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques)Institut de Formation del'Éducation Nationale (IFEN)

With the support of Fondation luxembourgeoise pour la mémoire de la ShoahBotschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in LuxemburgComité Auschwitz LuxembourgEscher Theater

In collaboration with Centre National de l'AudiovisuelCinémathèque de la Ville de LuxembourgCiné ScalaCiné SuraKulturfabrikKulturhuef-KinoPrabbeliKinolerLe Paris and Ciné Orion.

Public screenings: Persian Lessons (RU, DE, BY, 2020) by Vadim Perelman / Adam Resurrected (US, IL, DE, 2008) by Paul Schrader
Public conference at the Cinémathèque: Les films et la mémoire : images alliées des camps nazi with Gian Maria Tore and Christoph Brüll
School screenings: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (DE, CH, CZ, 2019) de Caroline Link / Funan (FR, LU, BE, KH, 2018) by Denis Do
Dates: 25th, 27nd, 29th, 30thJanuary and 1st, 3rd & 5th February 2021
Venues: CNA, Cinémathèque, Ciné Scala, Ciné Sura, Kulturhuef, Kulturfabrik, Prabbeli
Time: 8 a.m. – 11.45 a.m. (school screenings)
Moderators: Chiara Lentz (CNA)



As part of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, two public screenings of Persian Lessons by Vadim Perelman and Adam Resurrected by Paul Schrader will be organised.
Screenings in cinemas take place in compliance with the health measures in place.

Persian Lessons (Persischstunden) (German OV with German subt.) 

Tickets available on the respective cinemas' websites.

Adam Resurrected (English OV with German subt.)

  • 29th January at 7.30 PM in Diekirch at Ciné Scala 
    (screening followed by a discussion in French)
  • 29th January at 8 PM in Kahler at Kinoler 
  • 30th January at 8 PM in Bettembourg at Ciné Le Paris

Tickets available on the respective cinemas' websites.

Conference and screening "Les films et la mémoire : images alliées des camps nazis"

  • 5th February at 8 PM in Luxembourg at the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
    Conference and screening of excerpts from films documenting the liberation of Nazi camps by the Allies, as well as Billy Wilder's short Death Mills (1945). The screenings will be contextualised by two researchers of the University of Luxembourg, Gian Maria Tore, semiologist specialised in film analysis, and Christoph Brüll, historian.
    Tickets available on the Cinémathèque's website or via Luxembourg-Ticket.



In recognition of the day, a special series of 13 matinee film screenings (8 AM to 11 PM) will be organised. Free of charge for classes from Luxembourgish secondary schools:

  • 25th January in Grevenmacher at Kulturhuef-Kino – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (German OV)
  • 25th January in Esch-sur-Alzette at Kulturfabrik - Funan (French OV with German subt.)
  • 27th January in Kahler at Kinoler – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (German OV)
  • 27th January in Wiltz at Prabbeli - Funan (French OV with German subt.)
  • 27th January in Echternach at Ciné Sura - Funan (French OV with German subt.)
  • 29th January in Esch-sur-Alzette at Kulturfabrik – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (German OV)
  • 29th January in Luxembourg at Cinémathèque - Funan (French OV with German subt.)
  • 1st February in Luxembourg at Cinémathèque – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (German OV)
  • 1st February in Grevenmacher at Kulturhuef-Kino - Funan (French OV with German subt.)
  • 3rd February in Dudelange at Ciné Starlight du CNA – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (German OV) and Funan (French OV with German subt.)
  • 5th February in Diekirch at Ciné Scala – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (German OV) and Funan (French OV with German subt.)

Free entry. Students can be registered online by their teacher or a chaperone from 23rd November 2020 onwards. Registrations close on 21st January 2021.
Screenings in cinemas take place in compliance with the health measures in place and will be contextualised by a moderator and film expert.
Please note that due to the distances to respect in cinemas, only extremely limited seating will be available. Registrations will be made on a "first come, first served" basis.
Additional information and registration: /


  8 AM            Arrival/registration
  8.15 AM       Introduction
  8.30 AM       Screening, followed by workshops
  11 AM          End


In addition to the school screenings in cinemas, films can also be watched in classrooms via a streaming platform. Accompanying material with educational activities based on the chosen film will be made available to teachers.
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit will be available for streaming on 26th, 27th and 29th January, as well as 3rd February, at the same time as the screenings in cinemas. Funan will be available for streaming on 25th and 27th January, as well as 5th February.
Please contact the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung directly for additional information concerning the online screenings:



A two-part further education course for teachers "Der Umgang mit Antisemitismus an der Schule" (in German) will be held on Tuesday, 26th January from 4 to 6 PM (first part) and on Tuesday, 2nd February from 4 to 6 PM (second part) in the IFEN building in Walferdange. 
A second further education course "Der 2. Weltkrieg in Luxemburg" (in German) will take place on Tuesday, 12th January from 3 to 4.30 PM in the IFEN building in Walferdange. 

For any additional questions concerning the matinee film screenings or the further education courses, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Romain Schroeder by phone (+352) 24 77 52 23 or e-mail:

Interested school classes can also sign up for a series of readings (in Luxembourgish), of "Marisha, d’Meedchen aus dem Faass“ (Cycle 4 classes and higher), as well as “The Diary of Anne Frank” (high school classes) in their school on a date of their choice. Additional information available on the official website of the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung.



About the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On November 1st, 2005, the United Nations General Assembly designated January 27th, the day the Auschwitz extermination camp was liberated in 1945, as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Each year, on or around January 27th, Luxembourg is joining in the international remembrance of the victims of the Shoah and other genocides.

The Day of Commemoration’s explicit aim is to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and to warn young people of the dangers of intolerance, racial and religious hatred and ignorance of genocides. The activities offered are intended to raise young students’ awareness of often subconscious prejudices and stereotypes, and to encourage them to get actively involved in working towards stronger social cohesion and building a better and fairer world.

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, film screenings are held in several regional cinemas across Luxembourg. They are aimed at students and teachers of Luxembourgish secondary schools, as well as the general public.

Additonal information and accompanying teacher’s material on the United Nations’ Day of Commemoration can be found here.


Foundation Zentrum fir politesch Bildung

The Foundation Zentrum fir politesch Bildung was founded in October 2016 with the clear mission statement to promote citizen participation through better understanding of democratic processes and current societal challenges. It encourages citizens of all ages, but especially children and young adults, to take part in political life and debates.

As an independent foundation, the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung focuses its activities on three core principles:

  • Learning: developing educational material on political and societal subjects, organising adult and continuing education training courses for teachers and educators
  • Understanding: promoting the understanding of democratic processes and societal challenges
  • Participation: encouraging participation in and arousing curiosity for political participation in young audiences, accompanying formal and non-formal education institutions in the setup or reinforcement of democratic structures to allow general political participation


Additional information and registration on the ZpB’s website.

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