LuxFilmLab 2022

The first Wednesday of every month, LuxFilmLab - a joint initiative by Luxembourg City Film Festival and Kinepolis - highlights one feature film, chosen jointly by LuxFilmFest's Artistic Committee and Kinepolis' programme team. The aim of LuxFilmLab is to bring films to the general public whose release dates didn't allow for them to be selected for the Festival but whose artistic qualities would very likely have led to their inclusion in the LuxFilmFest line-up.

LuxFilmLab's special screenings are introduced by a representative of the Festival's Artistic Committee.

The tickets for the screenings are available in the Kinepolis webshop and are sold at the regular rates of Ciné Utopia:

The 2022 line-up: 

  • VORTEX by Gaspar Noé (VO FR with FR & NL subt.): 5/01 | 7.30PM - Ciné Utopia 
  • THEO AND THE METAMORPHOSIS by Damien Odoul (VO FR with FR & EN subt.): 9/02 | 7.30PM - Ciné Utopia
  • A CHIARA by Jonas Carpignano: 6/04 | 7.30PM - Ciné Utopia
  • MOTHERING SUNDAY by Eva Husson: 1/06 | 7.30PM - Ciné Utopia
  • BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE by Claire Denis (FR OV with EN subt.): 06/07 | 7.30PM - Ciné Utopia
  • TRIANGLE OF SADNESS by Ruben Östlund (EN OV with FR & DU subt.): 7/09 | 7PM - Ciné Utopia
  • ALCARRÀS by Carla Simon (ES OV with FR & DU subt.): 5/10 | 7PM - Ciné Utopia
  • SAINT OMER by Alice Diop (FR OV without subt.): 2/11 | 7PM - Ciné Utopia


LuxFilmFest isn't involved in the commercial aspects of these screenings. Access to the screenings and ticket prices are defined by Kinepolis. 

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