Exhibition by artists Thibault Brunet and Suzan Noesen at the Cercle Cité, part of Luxembourg City Film Festival

Artists: Thibault Brunet, Suzan Noesen
Curator: Anouk Wies
Organisation: Cercle Cité
In the context of Luxembourg City Film Festival
Venue: Cercle Cité
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 19:00, 14/02 to 17/03/2019
Price: Free entrance

Free guided tours on Saturdays at 15:00

In film, POV shot refers to a camera angle that lets the viewers see an event through the eyes of the protagonist.

The exhibition at Cercle Cité is made up of two artistic points of views, one of Thibault Brunet and the other of Suzan Noesen, inspired by their very personal outlook on the world. Despite different subjects and different techn(olog)ical approaches to images, it is still possible to find similarities in their art. The works in Soleil noir and Libera Pagina! are made up of several superimposed layers, surfaces and transparencies, of millions of dots (from a scanner, forThibault Brunet) and different levels of interpretation as well. Both artists have chosen to work in the form of video installation in Cercle Cité’s exhibition space. The immersive experiences are reminiscent of cinematographic universes or virtual experiences.

Visitors can discover different environments that have little in common with their day-to-day lives. These immersive images seem familiar and cinematographic but also strange and otherworldly. They spark the imagination, transporting us through new dimensions and timeframes, into a kind of limbo. Exploring these installations is like walking through uncharted territory. The universes created by the artists are filled with narrative fragments and real spaces but the meaning visitors ascribe to them are based on the dreams and experiences of their own. 

Soleil noir - Thibault Brunet

Sound : Olivier Schlauberg
"Strates" texts: Fibre Tigre 
Computer-generated images: Alexandre Farailo
Books: Editions Mille Cailloux

The Soleil noir project includes Territoires Circonscrits [Bounded Territories], a body of work inspired by photographic missions of the 20th century such as DATAR or FSA. Photographer Thibault Brunet's research inspired him to roam the coasts of Northern France, equipped with a three-dimensional scanner, and to record his environment in 360 degrees, creating an image close to virtual modelling. By representing these beaches and cliffs as a virtual reality, Brunet sought to play on the ambiguous status of the image, and reveal the narrative potential of this mineral territory. Distanced from reality, the landscape becomes the leading actor in an almost cinematographic composition.

Brunet’s scanner, provided by Leica Geosystems, uses the latest technological innovations to record the surrounding space and reconstruct it as a cloud of linear points. Since what is rendered is closer to drawing than to photography, this technique blurs the lines between representational codes. Furthermore, the landscape is no longer delimited by the horizon or the frame but fans out in a circle around the scanner, fading away from the scanner and leaving a blind spot where the photographer stands. The world therefore appears to emanate from the heart of a black hole. While in reality, the sun shines down on what is visible, here the scanner filters reality to show a distorted, fantasy world.

Through his work, Brunet offers a new set of  reference points  which echo the first images taken by early cameras. The equipment used is heavy, making access to sites difficult, and the long exposure time of the shots reveals the image’s narrative potential by giving a palpable impression of time passing over beings and objects. These images, produced initially along the French coastline, and later along the border with Luxembourg where the countryside appears frozen, are a direct reference to German romantic painting, a recurrent theme in Brunet’s research.

Produced by Cercle Cité; in partnership with the Rotondes and with the support of the Institut Français du Luxembourg.

Thibault Brunet  has created a video loop for the Rotondes that will launch on Friday, 1st March 2019, as part of MULTIPLICA digital arts festival. Open until 30th June 2019 in the Rotondes’ Buvette.

On 12th February at 18:30, visitors can meet Thibault Brunet in the Cercle Cité’s auditorium. He will discuss ART & VIDEO GAMES in French. Entrance is free.

Libera Pagina! - Suzan Noesen

Libera Pagina! is a multimedia project by Luxembourgish artist Suzan Noesen. Its starting point was the artist's own experiences of intergenerational cohabitation with her grandmother in rural Luxembourg. The works presented in the Cercle Cité were produced in parallel with her film Livre d'heures in 2018, and presented in collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain as part of the Luxembourg City Film Festival 2019.

Suzan Noesen’s project consists of video installations which touch on the psychological traces linked to Luxembourg’s farming past and to family relationships. It explores the different conceptions of lifestyles which derive not only from the difference in age but also from the cultural differences between rural life and that of an artist. The videos are projected onto surfaces with varied opacities and textures. These surfaces bear figurative painted details that reclaim elements of the Luxembourg rural, farming practices. 

The installations compare traditional rural life with contemporary arts practices and vice-versa, while questioning the possibilities of a communal lifestyle – perhaps leading to a new shared, hybrid, narrative.

In parallel to the Libera Pagina! project, Suzan Noesen has produced an experimental fictional short film featuring her intergenerational cohabitation with her grandmother, who participated in creating the project. The two women appear as themselves. The film, Livre d'heures will premiere nationally during Luxembourg City Film Festival 2019, and will subsequently be shown in the Blackbox of the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain between 20th March and 30th April 2019.

Produced by Cercle Cité, with the support of the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte’ stART-up fund, the Film Fund and the Ministry of Culture.

Cercle Cité | 14/02/2019 > 17/03/2019 | 11:00-19:00

Guided tours: Saturdays at 15:00

Free entrance



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