Scene-by-Scene Film Analysis

Film Analysis Session using Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" as case study.

By: Boyd van Hoeij

A Scene-By-Scene Analysis of Wes Anderson's “Moonrise Kingdom”

Are you interested in the visual world of director Wes Anderson (“The Royal Tenenbaums”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”)? Or just curious about the different elements that make up a film — such as cinematography, production design, sound, editing... — and how they help create moods, meaning and emotions? Join us for a scene-by-scene analysis of Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom”, where we’ll examine this work up close.

As part of the series of workshops on Film Criticism by Boyd van Hoeij

  • "Film Analysis" Session
    8/03: 6pm - 10pm (4h00)
  • First session
    4/03: 2.30pm – 5pm (2h30)
  • Second session
    5/03: 2.30pm – 5pm (2h30)
  • Third session
    11/03: 2.30pm – 5pm (2h30)


Registration: | Free entry subject to availability.

Wed 08/03 18:00 Cercle Cité Public
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Boyd van Hoeij is a freelance film writer. He's been a contributing critic to industry magazines Variety and now The Hollywood Reporter and is also the film editor of Winq (NL). He contributes to Filmkrant (NL) and Indiewire (US). His book “10/10”, about ten Francophone directors from Belgium, came out in 2010. He taught film criticism courses in several countries and served as panelist at festivals including Cannes, Berlin and Sydney. He is a member of the Film Fund Luxembourg’s Selection Committee.