There and Back Again - Visions of Tolkien and Beyond

Journey to Middle-Earth in an exhibition of John Howe's art.

Artist: John Howe
Curator: Gilles Francescano
Original concept: Eric Necker
Graphic design: Mik Muhlen

Organisation: Le Cercle Cité
Collaboration: Les Imaginales d'Épinal
Under the patronage of the Canadian Embassy in Belgium and Luxembourg
In the context of Luxembourg City Film Festival

Visions of Tolkien and Beyond

In partnership with the Cercle Cité, "There and Back Again - Visions of Tolkien and Beyond", an exhibition centred on John Howe's art and his work on The Lord of The Rings universe will open from 9th February to 18th March 2018. 

Embark upon a journey to the edges of the Shire, rub shoulders with Gandalf, walk alongside the Fellowship or tremble during the Siege of Minas Tirith, guided by the hand of John Howe and by his pencil, under the watchful eye of the cheerful elf hiding behind his beard. The art of John Howe is timeless, just like the man himself. Between his work for Peter Jackson’s films, his illustrations for the worlds of authors like Tolkien and Robin Hobb and his own research, John Howe lays the groundwork of a fantastic epic that will influence the dreams and nightmares of the inner child in us for a long time to come.

Exposition from 9/02 to 18/03 2018.
Opening hours: 11:00 to 19:00.
Free guided tour: Saturdays at 15:00

Free entrance.

Opening hours

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