The immersive content industry is facing two major issues and challenges at the moment: storytelling – how to write and design meaningful stories for these new audiovisual experiences – and distribution models that are able to bring content to larger audiences.Renowned national and international VR experts will shed light on these issues across two panel sessions. 


  • 10:00 Coffee
  • 10:30 Welcome by Guy Daleiden, CEO, Film Fund Luxembourg
  • 10:35 Case Study & Panel 1 (Storytelling) (90+')
  • 12:00 Networking lunch
  • 14:30 Case Study & Panel 2 (Distribution) (90')

Admission is free of charge but registration is essential :

Simultaneous interpretation in French and English will be available.


Myriam Achard, Voyelle Acker, Antoine Cayrol, Toby Coffey, Emmanuel Cuénod, Landia Egal, François Le Gall, Camille Lopato, Vincent Ravalec, Max Sacker. 

10:30 : Panel 1 – Storytelling “It’s not about content. It’s all about stories. It’s all about great stories.” (Mitch Joel)

Panel 1 case study: “Draw Me Close” by Toby Coffey.

Panelists:  Vincent Ravalec (director, Fan Club), Landia Egal (cofounder & producer, Tiny Planets), Max Sacker (director, Kobold), Voyelle Acker (immersive experience producer), François Le Gall (producer, a_Bahn).
Host: Toby Coffey (head of digital development, National Theatre UK),

Sceptics and critics lament the fact that many AR and VR experiences are gimmicky or technological experimentation for experimentation’s sake, and that they forget or refuse to draw in viewers with a simple and captivating story.

It is a well-known fact that immersive works call on all our senses and that they are at their most powerful when they manage to generate real and raw emotions. The future of VR and new media experiences in general will depend on the quality and appeal of the stories they tell and the scripts they are based on. Narrative skill is of the essence. It is vital for next-generation creators in this new audiovisual field to explore this key creative component and harness the true potential of good storytelling for immersive content.


14:30 : Panel 2 – Distribution – “You cannot set art off in a corner and hope for it to have vitality, reality, and substance.” (Charles Ives)

Panel 2 case study: “7 Lives” by Marie Blondiaux.

Panelists: Emmanuel Cuénod (CEO, artistic director, Geneva International Film Festival), Camille Lopato (Diversion Cinema), Antoine Cayrol (producer and cofounder, Atlas V), Myriam Achard (chief new media partnerships and communicatins, PHI Centre Montréal)
Host: Voyelle Acker (immersive experience producer)

We still lack dedicated venues and exhibition spaces for AR/XR content, and only a very limited number of viewers have access to more ambitious immersive works. The most acclaimed and powerful experiences tend to be location-based and cannot be made available at home. Yet, public appetite for these events is growing. There are plenty of fans of VR and interactive content out there, of all ages, and they are eager to not just play VR games but also explore immersive content in all its shapes and forms using digital technology. This should compel the industry to explore innovative sales and distribution models for these experiences and to expect ambitious plans from new technologies as well as from the scripts and audience development aims of content developers. 

Thu 07/03 10:00 Quartier Général Public
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