Workshop POLO

2D cut-out workshop: workshop for the very young on the TV series “Polo”. The workshop allows children to dive into the fanciful and poetic world of “Polo” and his friends.

With: Fabrique d'Images
Language: Luxembourgish and French
Duration:  60min
Can be combined with the Crazy Cinématographe for Kids
Maximum number of participants :


Fabrique d'Images, an animation film production company based in the Grand Duchy, takes children on a journey of discovery or rediscovery of its series “Polo”, adapted from the books by Régis Faller and co-produced by Bayard Animation.

The series’ engaging characters are animated according to the 2D cutout technique. To gain an understanding of this particular technique used in animation, children get to make their own "Polo" puppet and colour their chosen backdrop. A fascinating workshop that takes a look behind the scenes of the making of an animation film!


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