Angola, 2020 / 72 min / Portuguese OV with French or English subt. / Drama

While air conditioners are mysteriously falling from buildings, two employees embark on a mission across Luanda to find their boss’ AC unit.

One day, air conditioners in the stifling Angolan capital of Luanda start to mysteriously fall from buildings. When security guard Matacedo and maid Zezinha are told to get their overheating boss a new AC unit before the end of the day, they set out on a surprising mission. Their quest leads them to Kota Mino, the eccentric owner of an electronics store and the inventor of a machine capable to recover a people’s painful memories. This encounter sets them on a delirious path across a city filled with people trying to rebuild their lives after a devastating civil war.

Air Conditioner crosses a city which lacks air, suffocated by buildings full of terrible memories of a society trying to rebuild itself. The film is a striking reminder that a city is made up of people, memories and not empty, glazed skyscrapers, inspired by soap operas or American cinema.


Fri 05/03 16:00 Ciné Utopia PT OV with FR subt. Public
Sat 06/03 10:00 PT OV with FR subt. Public
Sun 07/03 16:30 Ciné Utopia PT OV with FR subt. Public
Tue 09/03 19:00 Cinémathèque PT OV with FR subt. Public

“A breezily off-beat affair from the West African coastal nation of Angola, Air Conditioner should beguile and captivate those able to adapt to its idiosyncratic rhythms and humor. A highly accomplished and promising first full-length fictional outing for U.S.-trained mono-monikered multi-hyphenate "Fradique" (a.k.a. Mario Bastos), this magical realist tale set and shot in bustling capital Luanda is buoyed by a quite outstanding original jazz-inflected soundtrack by Aline Frazão, whose renown already stretches beyond her continent's shores. […] [The film’s protagonist is] guiding us through Fradique and Claver's gently surreal labyrinth. Their construction has the logic and pace of a dream, vividly realized as an evocation of crumbling inner-city scruffiness punctuated with lyrical, poetic grace notes and interludes of heightened visual and aural intensity. Crucial to its impact is Frazão's intelligently interpolated, percussive soundtrack, which augments jazz traditions by deploying relatively unfamiliar instruments such as the fliscorn, dikanza and kissanje. Air Conditioner is Frazão's first score for a movie. It will not be her last.” Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter, 26/01/2020

Air Conditioner is an intriguing, deep and magical film, […] a singular atmosphere built in line with magical realism commonly seen in the pages of authors like the Mozambican Mia Couto. […] The film takes an empathic and critical view of the social inequalities in the world’s most expensive city, torn between its tragic past and future prospects.” Olivier Barlet, Afrimages, 03/04/2020

Cast & Credits
José Kiteculo, Filomena Manuel, David Caracol, Sacerdote, Tito Spyck, Filipe Pali
Ery Claver, Fradique
Ery Claver
Oswald Juliana
Prudênciana Hach
Aline Frazão
Geração 80
Geração 80

Mário Bastos, known as Fradique, was born in 1986 in Angola. After studying cinema in the US, he cofounded the independent production company Geração 80 based in Luanda. In 2015, he directed the documentary Independência which screened at several international film festivals and won Angola’s National Culture Prize for Cinema. It was recognised as a remarkable step towards recovering Angola's collective memory. He also has directed arthouse music videos for Angolan artists such as Nástio Mosquito and Aline Frazão. His first fiction feature Air Conditioner (2020) premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and was selected at Fribourg International Film Festival 2020. The Berlinale Talent and Realness Screenwriting Residency alumni is currently developing his next feature film, The Kingdom of Casuarinas.

  • 2020 – Ar Condicionado
  • 2015 – Independência (documentary)
  • 2013 – Triângulo (documentary)
  • 2011 – Alambamento (short)
  • 2011 – Luanda 24/7 (short)
  • 2007 – Kiari (short)