Noah Rosa, Ganaël Dumreicher-Ivanceanu

Austria, Luxembourg, 2019 / 9 min / Without dialogue / Experimental short

A 21st century “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice is late. While rushing to her next appointment, she loses her phone. Searching for it, she enters a surreal world where time and logic seem nonexistent. Falling from one room to the other, Alice discovers bizarre creatures living out their fantasies behind every new door. Slowly Alice becomes part of this world.


Mon 11/03 18:30 Kinepolis Kirchberg Without dialogue Projection privée
Cast & Credits
Karl Michael, Zoé Afan, Vito Vidović Bintchende, Kastriot Shabani, Ali JT, Antonia Gloessel, Aila Koch, Jun Jun Dai, Marie-Louise Batamak, Leonard Derakshan, Arber Krasniqi
Noah Rosa
Karl Neubart
Ganael Dumreicher
Anna Ronijak
Ganaël Dumreicher-Ivanceanu in collaboration with Moritz Maetz
Bady Minck & Noah Rosa, YOUNG FOU

Noah Rosa is an Austrian filmmaker born August 1995 in Vienna. At 18 he finished his first short film Compartment 4 (2015) which had its World Premiere at the Soho International Film Festival in New York City. Right now, he is living and working in Vienna.

Ganaël Dumreicher-Invanceanu is a director, actor and musician/sound designer. He is best known for acting in MappaMundi (2017) and Roll Over Mozart (2006) and for directing Welcome to the Club (2015).  He has been studying electroacoustic composition at the Vienna Academy of Music since October 2018.

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