And He Said Yes!

Gintaré Parulyté

Luxembourg, 2022 / 21 min / English, Greek, French, Icelandic / Comedy

Madly in love and very impatient, Greta, an Icelander, and Thanos, a Greek, go to a wedding planner.

Greta and Thanos are horny, newly in love and they don’t like to waste time. This is why they squeeze in a rather clumsy car sex session before their upcoming meeting with Rupert, their charming wedding planner, because, you know, orgasms can’t wait. The planning of their future celebration gradually turns into a series of misunderstandings and disagreements where the audience gets to know the characters at the same time that the characters get to know each other, with every question addressed to them by the wedding planner of their choice.

“AND HE SAID YES!” is an ode to most of us Western folks today. It’s a comedic wave to the turmoil and tribulations of modern day dating, as well as a wink to cultural hiccups and misunderstandings that become more and more part of the modern globalised world. It’s about the honeymoon phase of love, which might feel exciting, but that often leads us to making decisions whose implications the relationship we still haven’t worked on is not yet equipped to transcend.

Cast & Credits
Elísabet Jóhannesdóttir, Grégoire Colin, Philippe Caroit
Gintaré Parulyté
Pia Dumont
Directeur de la photo 
Nikos Andritsakis
Céline Bodson
Christina Schaffer
Max Scheer
Red Lion

Gintaré Parulyté began working as an actress on both national and international flm and theatre productions since the pubescent age of 15. After growing tired of playing prostitutes, secretaries and stewardesses, she decided to write stories of her own and earned a Master’s Degree in Media and Communication in Brussels as well as pursued a Film Directing course at the London Film School, with the wish to make movies that shake her hormones and imbue her with serotonin. She wrote and directed the short flms «Is That, Like, Your Real Job?» and “And He Said Yes!” (both produced by Red Lion) and she's currently working on a webseries and a feature flm.