Onur Tukel

USA, 2015 / 91 min / OV English with French subt. / Comedy

A surreal black comedy, an exercise in cynical absurdism

Every Tuesday night, radio talk show host Stevie Bricks invites his listeners to call in and share their stories. And tonight, Ron Welz is ready to share his. But it doesn’t take long for Ron’s past to catch up with him. And when someone starts sending him body parts, his life begins to fall apart. Who is tormenting him? His insolent high school student? His best friend? His wife? There are eight million people in New York, and everyone’s a suspect.

New York indie filmmaker Onur Tukel serves up a blend of dark comedy with a dash of noir, horror, and relationship drama in this story of a man who better pull his life together ASAP. (Brian Gordon, Tribeca Film Festival)

Sat 27/02 19:00 Ciné Utopia OV English with French subt. Public
Fri 04/03 21:00 Cinémathèque OV English with French subt. Public

“Everyone and everything in "Applesauce" is a comic time bomb prone to explode at any moment.”


“[…] It’s sure to satisfy anyone with a morbid and suspicious view of the world. Or anyone who likes, you know, laughing.” 

Patrick Cooper,, 21/04/2015

“Tukel’s script takes such an unfavorable view of human nature that it’s difficult to identify any likeable characters, most of whom are constantly scheming to manipulate and discredit one another.”

Justin Lowe,, 21/04/2015

“Full of charm and wit, with a little mystery thrown in for good measure, "Applesauce" is a rare and very original take on the relationship drama and mystery genres, excelling quite well in both… It’s a film that keeps its viewer wondering what will happen next, from the very opening of the film, to the moment the credits roll, and is by far Tukel’s best work yet.”

Icons of Fright

Cast & Credits
Dylan Baker, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Max Casella, Jennifer Prediger, Onur Tukel, Karl Jacob
Onur Tukel
Jason Banker
Andrew Sterling
Michael Montes
Factory 25
MPI Media Group

Onur Turkel, born in 1973, graduated from the University of Northern Carolina in 1995. He directed a number of low budget films before working for seven years for WUNC-TV in Durham. He became a notable figure in the N.Y City independent community notably as an actor in the film “Septien” for which he also created the artwork which was exhibited at the Pennington Gallery in N.Y. In 2011 he wrote and illustrated a comic novel for children. He had a breakthrough as a director and actor with his feature films “Richard’s Wedding” and “Summer of Blood”, turning genre cinema into black comedy.

  • 2015, Applesauce
  • 2015, Abby Singer/Songwriter
  • 2014, Summer of Blood
  • 2012, Richard's Wedding
  • 2005, The Pigs
  • 2001, Ding-a-ling-less
  • 1999, Drawing Blood
  • 1997, House of Pancakes