Yukiko Sode

Japan, 2021 / 124 min / Japanese OV with French or English subt. / Drama

In Tokyo, two women from vastly different backgrounds meet by chance because of the same man.

Yukiko Sode’s sophisticated, layered book adaptation shows contemporary Tokyo from the differing perspectives of two women. Hanako, born to sheltered privilege in Tokyo, is in her late 20s when her fiancé breaks up with her, and, for the first time in her life, she finds herself at a crossroads. Her parents pressure her into going on blind dates and asking a matchmaker for help with arrange marriage meetings to find a potential husband. Hanako’s story is subtly contrasted with that of Miki who moved to Tokyo from a less affluent family in a rural town to build a life for herself in the capital. Her hard work got her into an exclusive Tokyo university but also left her lonely. The two women from vastly different backgrounds meet by chance because of the same man: aristocratic lawyer Koichiro.

“In shots composed with extreme attention to detail, Yukiko Sode is able to finely dissect modern Tokyo with all its various social bubbles and accompanying standards of behaviour. She also manages to beautifully deconstruct the typical woman-meets-man story by placing the emphasis on solidarity, identity, background and class.” International Film Festival Rotterdam


Fri 05/03 19:00 Cinémathèque JP OV with EN subt. Public
Sat 06/03 10:00 Public
Mon 08/03 16:30 Ciné Utopia JP OV with FR subt. Public
Wed 10/03 16:00 Cinémathèque JP OV with EN subt.
Cast & Credits
Mugi Kadowaki, Kiko Mizuhara, Kengo Kora, Shizuka Ishibashi, Rio Yamashita
Yukiko Sode, based on the novel by Mariko Yamauchi
Yasuyuki Sasaki
Takao Kondo
Norifumi Ataka
Takuma Watanabe
Tokyo Theatres, Bandai Namco Arts

Yukiko Sode, born in 1983 in Japan, is a screenwriter and director. Her debut feature, Mime-Mime, which she wrote and directed in 2008, premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival and won two awards at the PIA Film Festival in Tokyo. After directing the short the short Underwear Affair (2010), she released Good Stripes, her second feature, in 2015. Aristocrats (2020) is her third feature film.

  • 2021 – Ano ko wa kizoku
  • 2015 – Good Stripes
  • 2010 – Underwear Affair (short)
  • 2008 – Mime-Mime