Jonás Trueba

Spain, 2019 / 125 min / Spanish OV with French subt. / Drama

Summertime Madrid offers a young woman the opportunity of self-discovery.

In the hot summer months, when Madrileños leave their homes in droves to escape the insufferable heat, the centre of Madrid is left abandoned. That is, except for the tourists and a handful of undaunted locals – and those who can’t see the way forward, like Eva, a charming thirty-something who rents an apartment for the whole of August. She is not satisfied with her life, but August is the best time to start from scratch. Searching for a new purpose, Eva will get to meet with old acquaintances and make new ones, soothing her inner turmoil by fleeting encounters, laid-back evening conversations and unexpected nocturnal adventures. As she tries to help others, she realises that she needs to help herself first and thus starts her journey of self-discovery.

“A highly immersive diary-film that nails the minor and fleeing – almost inaccessible – moments, in order to soothe down the fear and anxiety of growing up. A slowly paced mystical summer tale, which makes our hearts beat to its colourful tone.” Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Fri 06/03 21:00 Ciné Utopia ES OV with FR subt. Public
  • Special Mention, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2019 (Czech Republic)
  • FIPRESCI Prize, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2019 (Czech Republic)
  • Best Screenplay, Toulouse Cinespaña, 2019 (France)
  • Best Actress, Toulouse Cinespaña, 2019 (France)
Cast & Credits
Vito Sanz, Isabelle Stoffel, Joe Manjon, Mikele Urroz, María Herrador, Luis Heras, María Herrador, Naiara Carmona
Jonás Trueba, Itsaso Arana
Santiago Racaj
Eduardo Castro
Soleá Morente
Los Ilusos Films
Bendita Filmsales

Jonás Trueba is a Spanish screenwriter, director and author. The son of the renowned director Fernando Trueba, has written and directed several feature films which have been screened at different film festivals and garnered accolades. He earned a Goya nomination as Best New Director for his debut feature Every Song Is About Me (2010). In 2016 he began an “immersive cinematographic experience” about Spanish youth named Quién lo impide. His fifth feature, The August Virgin (2019) premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

  • 2019 – La virgen de agosto
  • 2018 – Quién lo impide : Principiantes (série immersive / immersive series / immersive Serie)
  • 2018 – Quién lo impide : Si vamos 28, volvemos 28 (série immersive / immersive series / immersive Serie)
  • 2018 – Quién lo impide : Sólo somos (série immersive / immersive series / immersive Serie)
  • 2018 – Quién lo impide : Tú también lo has vivido (série immersive / immersive series / immersive Serie)
  • 2016 – La reconquista
  • 2015 – Les exiliados románticos
  • 2013 – Los Ilusos
  • 2010 – Todas las canciones hablan de mí
  • 2000 – Cero en conciencia (court-métrage / short / Kurzfilm)