A Bee’s Diary

Dennis Wells

Germany, Canada, 2021 / 89 min / German OV (DE OV) / Documentary

In spectacular images, Dennis Wells documents the grueling daily routine of a beehive – from attacks by a swarm of hornets to battles between rival queens.

The life of an insect isn’t worth much in the eyes of many. What can be so special about a lifespan of barely six weeks? This documentary shows that the life of a bee is much more complex than what we can imagine…

“For seven long weeks I felt light and warmth, drank nectar. I lived seven weeks.” Extract from A Bee’s Diary 

Mon 07/03 09:00 CNA Dudelange VO ALL / DE OV / DE OF Scolaire
Tue 08/03 09:15 Ciné Utopia DE OV Scolaire

“Die Doku Tagebuch einer Biene gibt faszinierende Einblicke in das Leben der Insekten. Regisseur Dennis Wells will auch auf die Bedeutung der Bienen aufmerksam machen, die für uns Menschen lebenswichtig sind.”
von Barbara Block, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, 11/10/2021

“(…) Sehr informativer und ambitionierter Naturfilm voller Schauwerte »
Christian Horn, Vision Kino, 06/10/2021

“In der Summe bietet „Tagebuch einer Biene“ ein ebenso erkenntnisreiches wie kurzweiliges Seherlebnis für große wie kleine Freunde der Natur.” 
Reinhard Kleber, Filmdienst

Cast & Credits
Dennis Wells, Heike Sperling
Brian McClatchy
Darren Fung
Taglicht Media GMBH
Handful of Films
Filmwelt Verleihagentur gmbh

Dennis Wells is an awarded director and producer. He originally studied sociology in Germany, Australia and Canada and then began his journalistic career in radio and later as a documentary filmmaker. The main topics of his films are science and nature films. A Bee’s Diary is his first feature -- and his second film about bees.

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