Both Sides of the Blade

Claire Denis

France, 2021 / 116 min / OV French with English subt. / Drama / Romance

LuxFilmLab – July 6th 2022

A woman is caught in a love triangle between her long-time partner and her best friend.

Paris, and already winter. Sarah and Jean love each other. They have lived together for several years. Their love makes them happy and strong. There is mutual trust, and their desire never died down. One morning (by chance?) Sarah crosses paths with François, who introduced her to Jean and who she left without hesitating.

Wed 06/07 19:30 Ciné Utopia OV FR with EN subt. Public

« The sense of love dissolving and lives thrown into chaos as a dormant past violently breaks through the surface is unexpectedly moving »  David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter, 12/12/2022

« As is often the case with Denis’ films, Fire grows more illuminating as it gets hotter; what starts like a constrained and unusually jagged French drama is eventually forged into an incendiary portrait of three people. » David Ehrlich, IndieWire, 12/02/2022

  • Silver Berlin Bear, Best Director, Berlin International Film Festival, 2022 (Germany)
Cast & Credits
Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon, Grégoire Colin
Christine Angot, Claire Denis, adapted from Christine Angot’s novel : « Un tournant de la vie »
Eric Gautier
Emmanuelle Pencalet, Sandie Bompar, Guy Lecorne
Jean-Paul Mugel
Jessy Kupperman
Curiosa Films, Cine +, Canal +, Canal + international
Cinemage / Cofinova

Claire Denis is a French director and screenwriter renowned for films including CHOCOLAT, BEAU TRAVAIL, TROUBLE EVERY DAY, 35 SHOTS OF RUM, and BASTARDS. Born in Paris, she lived in several African countries until 12. She began her career as an assistant to major directors like Robert Enrico, Wim Wenders, Costa Gavras and Jacques Rivette. Her first movie, CHOCOLAT, was nominated at the César Awards as Best First Movie, and she won the Grand Prix at Cannes this year for STARS AT NOON.


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