Cloudy Goats (Bozghalehaye Abir)

Hamid Karimian

Iran, 2014 / 5 min / Without words / Animation

Programme My First Movies : What is your wish?

On a foggy, rainy day, a young lamb is lost on the mountainside. Alone and scared he hears the sweet notes of a shepherd's flute and a herd of goats come to rescue him. The little lamb happily joins them not knowing that they are all figments of his imagination. Accompanied by the shepherd’s flute the lamb plays with the imaginary creatures. The sound of thunder suddenly snaps him back into reality. Content with this magical journey he happily follows his sheepdog back to the village while droplets of rain slowly start to fall. 

Thu 25/02 09:00 CNA Dudelange Without words Scolaire
Thu 25/02 09:15 Ciné Utopia Without words Scolaire
Sun 28/02 15:00 Ciné Utopia Without words Public
Wed 02/03 09:30 Ciné Utopia Without words Scolaire
Sun 06/03 11:00 Cinémathèque Without words Public
Cast & Credits
Hamid Karimian
Armin Bahari
Milad Movahedi
Les Films du Whippet
Elnaz Zadbagher, Somayeh Nili, Jila Ghanaei, Mahboobeh Amidi, Reihaneh Bassiri, Amirhosein Salehi

Born in 1985 in Tehran, Hamid Karimian got a Computer Software diploma in 2002 and studied in 2009 Character Design & Animation Directing at the Hozeh Honari Animation Academy. He gained experience in several animation studios as cinematographer and director. “Cloudy Goats” is his first short animated film. 

  • 2014, Cloudy Goats (short)