Frédéric Zeimet

Luxembourg, France, 2019 / 22 min / Luxembourgish & French OV (LU & FR OV) / Drama, Short

Showcase: Shorts Made In/With Luxembourg

A traumatised child takes refuge in an imaginary friend.

Eight year old Joachim has an unusual best friend: Cowboy. He is chubby, funny and comforts him - but he is imaginary. Philippe, his father, ignores Joachim and is unable to talk to him, to communicate or to tell him what happened to his mother.


Mon 11/03 18:30 Kinepolis Kirchberg VO FR & LU Projection privée
Cast & Credits
Gatien Schmidt-Barbé, Dan Tanson, Raoul Schlechter, Jim Krier
Frédéric Zeimet
Vitalijus Kiselius
Luca Theis
Antevita Films, Apaches Films

Frédéric Zeimet graduated from the University of Brussel’s ELICIT programme with a Master’s in film writing and analysis. Under the direction of Luc Dardenne, he developed the screenplay for the feature film Le juge et son bourreau, which won the ELICIT programme’s first prize for fiction. He co-wrote Christophe Wagner's Doudege Wénkel (2012) and took charge of screenwriting on the RTL TV show Comeback (2012-2013). He has won several prizes and was selected in the Forum des Auteurs of the International Screenwriters Festival and in the Nuit Blanche du Scénario at the Festival de Cannes. In 2013, he took part in the European TV Lab and the Adaptlab, organised by TorinoFilmlab in 2016. He frequently speaks at the BTS Cinéma et Audiovisuel in Luxembourg and is a dissertation tutor for INSAS in Belgium. Cowboy (2019) is his directorial debut.

  • 2019 – Cowboy (short)