Fränz Hausemer, Hughes Maréchal

, 2020 / 45 min / Luxembourgish or French / Special Screening - Fairground cinema

By: Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
With: Fränz Hausemer, Hughes Maréchal
Language: Luxembourgish or French
Duration: 45 minutes
Age: 5+


Discover how colour made its way into film and changed viewing experiences forever.

The Crazy Cinématographe, the fabulous show about the crazy early days of cinema, will return this year with films featuring a very special highlight: colour! At the turn of the century, colour already made its first appearance in the movies. Its effect was spectacular and audiences were instantly smitten by its charm. Thanks to colour, féeries, acrobatic numbers and special effect films were transformed into magical paintings and the Belle Époque’s poetry filled the screen. Fränz, the storyteller, and Hughes, the pianist, will accompany this colourful short film programme and remind us that silent film was never truly silent. Together with the duo, participants will travel through time and immerse themselves in the world of silent cinema.

Crazy Cinématographe is a playful, educational media project which brings the magic and poetry of cinema’s early days back to life. An extraordinary journey takes the viewers back in time to experience the origins of film as an art form. The performance will be animated by a storyteller who will comment on the film and explain to the young audience the development of an early film screening. Audiences can watch a projectionist at work while a pianist plays live music to set the mood. Together with a foley artist, they re-enact a film screening from bygone days and deliver a special experience for children.


The screening on 09/03 at 09:00, on 09/03 at 10:30, on 11/03 at 09:00 and on 11/03 at 10:30 unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Tue 09/03 14:30 Cinémathèque LU/FR | FREE Public
Thu 11/03 14:30 Cinémathèque LU/FR | FREE Public

Fränz Hausemer is an independent artist. His documentary Schwaarze Mann, produced by SAMSA Films, was released in March 2018. He has composed music for film scores, live performance and live film concerts.  As a singer-songwriter, he released the album “Songs from the Labyrinth” with his band MinotaureDuNord. He also works as an actor and teacher.

Hughes Maréchal is a singer, composer, pianist and guitarist who has received multiple awards from Fêtes Romanes, the Sabam and Biennale de la Chanson française. He taught music and composed songs for several musicals for over ten years, taking over as music director of the play Piano-Plage. In 2014, he received a Magritte du Cinéma award for his score for Rob Rombout’s and Rogier Van Eck’s Amsterdam Stories USA (2012). The same year, he won a Sabam Award for his score of When I Will Be Dictator (2014) by Yaël André, which also won the Magritte for Best Documentary in 2015. After having produced Toucouleur, a play combining songs and plastic arts, a new CD, L’Âme des Voyageurs, is released by Cyprès, a film score dedicated to the Marquis de Wavrin. Hughes accompanies silent films since roughly thirty years.