Olivier Pesch, Robin Noorda, Bethany de Forest, Gary Fouchy, Jeremy Guerrieri, Paul Jaulmes, Nicolas Leroy, Leslie Martin, Maud Sertour, Alexandre Toufaili

Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, France, 2015 / 55 min / Without words / Live Film Concert

Live Film Concert in collaboration with the Rotondes

A joyful live film concert conceived especially for the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Venue: Rotondes Black Box
Age: 7+
Duration: 45’ + 10-minute exchange
School classes: Cycles 2 & 3
Language: without dialogue, partial Luxembourgish and French surtitles

For the Festival’s tenth anniversary edition, the Rotondes and Luxembourg City Film Festival have teamed up to organise a joyful live film concert, conceived especially for young audiences.

The three animated shorts selected for this new production brim with light-heartedness and irony. Set in natural surroundings that never cease to amaze us, the stories’ protagonists show infinite inventiveness and forge new friendships. Their creativity is reflected in the motley musical worlds conjured by Florence Kraus and Grégoire Terrier. The images on the screen might be silent, but the atmosphere in the room is going to be exuberant!

For this film concert, the following films will be accompanied musically by Florence Kraus and Grégoire Terrier:

  • Émilie by Olivier Pesch (LU, BE, 2013 – 16’)
  • Red-end and the Factory Plant by Robin Noorda and Bethany de Forest (NL, BE, 2015 – 16’)
  • L’inventeur by Gary Fouchy, Jeremy Guerrieri, Nicolas Leroy, Paul Jaulmes, Nicolas Leroy, Leslie Martin, Maud Sertour and Alexandra Touffaili (FR, 2010 – 5’)

Both the public and school screenings will be followed by an exchange with the artists.


Fri 06/03 09:15 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Fri 06/03 10:30 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Sat 07/03 15:00 Rotondes Without words Public
Sat 07/03 17:00 Rotondes Without words Public
Sun 08/03 11:00 Rotondes Without words Public
Sun 08/03 15:00 Rotondes Without words Public
Mon 09/03 10:00 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Mon 09/03 14:30 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Tue 10/03 10:00 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Tue 10/03 15:00 Rotondes Without words Public
Wed 11/03 10:00 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Wed 11/03 14:30 Rotondes Without words Scolaire
Cast & Credits
Florence Kraus, Grégoire Terrier
Samsa Film, Rocketta Film, Autour de Minuit

Florence Kraus is a pianist, saxophonist, set designer and visual artist. After her studies at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, her work took her from designing theatre and film sets, to sound installations and several multidisciplinary projects mixing different art forms. As a musician and educator, she frequently collaborates with different associations, including the Rotondes which she developed several workshops for. She enjoys turning everyday objects and materials into unusual instruments and sound machines, providing them with new purpose in the world of theatre. She is a member of numerous orchestras and music collectives, including the electronic trio Toystroy, and has founded the association La Manufacture à sons in 2015.

Grégoire Terrier is a composer, sound artist, author and producer whose musical universe is inspired by his West Indian and German roots, combining contemporary pieces, African trance music and experimental electronic songs. After some first stage experiences at concerts and performances since 2001, he studied Jazz at the conservatoire of music of Val de Bièvre and electro-acoustics at the Conservatoire de Pantin. Since 2007, while working for the Diopside Production company, he started writing and producing music for films. Several of his pieces received awards, most notably the UNESCO Prize for a piece about freedom written for the radio contest 60s chrono.