Christian Lerch

Germany, 2020 / 94 min / German OV / Drama

After fleeing Munich with his mother in 1945, Felix befriends the son of a Nazi. While the boys play at war and keep idolising the Führer, the Allies are on the advance.

In the spring of 1945, Anna flees the bombed city of Munich with her eleven-year-old son Felix. On the estate of a deceased aunt in the countryside, they find a new home. Under the house’s attic, Felix discovers a wonderful place: a magical, sparkling, mysterious "glass room" which he can play in to escape the dreary reality of war. Soon after, he meets Karri, the son of the local group leader and – unlike Felix and his mother – a staunch Nazi who firmly believes in the “ultimate victory”. The two boys become friends and Felix gets increasingly caught up in the Nazi ideology, partly because he is proud of his father who is fighting at the front. But when the latter turns up completely unexpectedly one night after deserting from the army, Felix is having second thoughts. Should he report the traitor to Karri’s father or believe his gruesome stories about the reality of war?


The screening on 10/03 at 9:30 at Kinepolis Kirchberg had to be replaced by an online screening.

Cast & Credits
Lisa Wagner, Xari Wimbauer, Hans Löw, Philipp Hochmair, Luis Vorbach, Kathrin Anna Stahl, David Benkovitch, Hannah Hagg, Barbara Romaner
Christian Lerch, Josef Einwanger
Tim Kuhn
Michael Vetter
Johannes Sternagel
Martin Probst
ARRI Media

Christian Lerch is a German filmmaker born in Wasserburg am Inn in Bavaria in 1966. After studying acting in Graz, he performed at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, the Kammerspiele in Munich and at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, before venturing into television and feature films. In addition to his acting career, Christian Lerch has also worked as a screenwriter: As such, he co-authored the documentary Oskar Sala: The Former Future of Sound (2000) by Oliver Rauch and Ingo Rudloff, and co-wrote the screenplay for Marcus H. Rosenmüller’s comedy Grave Decisions (2007), which was nominated for a German Film Award. In 2012 he made his directorial debut with the comedy Was weg is, is weg. Four years later, he directed a web documentary series that became the basis for his second feature-length film B12 - Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben (2018), which premiered at the DOK.fest in Munich. His third feature, Dear Mr. Führer (2020), was selected at Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam.

  • 2020 – Das Glaszimmer
  • 2018 – B12 - Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben
  • 2016 – B12 - Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens (documentary web series)
  • 2012 – Was weg is, is weg