Do Not Hesitate

Shariff Korver

Netherlands, Greece, 2021 / 90 min / Dutch OV with English subt. / Suspense drama

Somewhere in a Middle Eastern desert, a truck carrying a Dutch military convoy breaks down. Three young soldiers are ordered to stay behind and guard the military vehicle while they wait for a repair team. They set up a camp for the night, and in the darkness, mistake a goat for an adversary and shoot it dead in the bushes. The repair team never arrives, but a 14-year-old boy claiming to be the goat’s owner, does. He latches onto the band of soldiers, demanding proper compensation for his goat. The unraveling of the fight that follows will mark the young men’s lives forever.

Fri 04/03 17:00 Cinémathèque NL OV with ENG.subt Public

“As sharply engineered as a reel of razor wire, Shariff Korver’s “Do Not Hesitate” is not the first film to expose the sheer lunacy of sending callow, heavily armed young men, versed in a machismo that sees sensitivity as weakness, into hostile territory and expecting everything to work out fine. But Korver sets his film, which is the Dutch international Oscar selection, apart from the “Jarheads” and the “Full Metal Jackets” of the world with the precision of its craft and the narrowness of its focus.”– Jessica Kiang, VARIETY, Dec 21, 2021

“Korver has managed to make a gripping film in which we, as viewers, are witness to trauma in the making.” - Chris Frieswijk, CinEuropa, 11/11/2021

“A spare, intense film confirming the adage that war is hell.” – Allan Hunter, ScreenDaily, 6/12/2021

“Taut and gripping, Do Not Hesitate turns wide-open terrain into a simmering crucible. Nearly every frame of Nadim Carlsen’s cinematography is an astounding image, strikingly composed and cutting through to something human. Director Shariff Korver, working from a script by Jolein Laarman, has created a film that’s both an incisive psychological study and a chilling parable.” —Frederic Boyer, Artistic Director of the Tribeca Film Festival

“Do Not Hesitate explores the extraordinarily ordinary sins of humanity” - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Film Festival Today, June 21st, 2021

  • World-premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival
  • Selected as the Dutch entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards.
  • Giffoni Film Festival, Best Film
Cast & Credits
Tobias Kersloot, Joes Brauers, Spencer Bogaert, Omar Alwan
Jolein Laarman
Nadim Carlsen, DFF
Ruben van der Hammen, NCE
Michel Schöpping
Roland Mylanus
Lemming Film (NL)
September Film

Shariff Korver was born December 7th, 1982 in Caracas and grew up between Venezuela and the Netherlands. In 2011 he graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with his short film No Way Back. It won de Nassenstein Prize for Best Student Film and Scenecs Debut Film Award. The film was selected for the official programs of the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Munich Film Festival and was awarded the Young CIVIS Media Prize by the members of the European Parliament. His debut feature film Infiltrant premiered at the Toronto International Film festival in 2014 and was selected for various other international festivals. Infiltrant won the award for Best Film and Best Director Award at the First Time Fest in New York. His latest feature film, Do Not Hesitate, world-premiered at the Tribeca International Film Festival and is selected as the Dutch entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards.

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