Du Iz Tak ?

Galen Fott

United States, 2018 / 11 min / French version (FR) / Animation

Part of the short film collection Jardins Enchantés !

A sprouting plant and a community of insects offer a microcosmic view of the unstoppable cycle of life

As a tiny sprout unfurls, two damselflies peer at it in wonder. “Du iz tak?” one asks the other, in the private and mysterious language of the insects. This film imagines the dramatic possibilities to be found in even the humblest backyard, and offers a microcosmic view of the unstoppable cycle of life.

  • Kids Choice Animation Winner, Milwaukee Film Festival, 2019 (United States)
  • Short Subject Animated Winner, WorldFest Houston, 2021 (United States)
Cast & Credits
Eli d’Amico, Sebastian D’Amico, Burton Fott, Galen Fott, Laura Fott, Sarah Hart, Bella Higginbotham, Evelyn Hipp, Brian Hull
Based on the book “Du Iz Tak ?” by Carson Ellis
Galen Fott
Sarah Hart
Bigfott Studios
Weston Woods Studios
Little KMBO

A Tennessee native, Galen graduated from the University of Memphis with a BFA in Theatre performance. He then spent the first fifteen years of his professional life as an actor and singer, playing leading roles in musical theatre productions around the country. During his five-year stay in New York, Galen found another outlet for performing as a puppeteer with the Jim Henson Company. Also in New York, he got his first taste of creating animation with his friend Brian Maffitt. Becoming increasingly fascinated with animation, Galen attended the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in Canada.