Kiro Russo

Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland , 2021 / 85 min / Spanish OV with English subt. / Drama

Bolivia, today. After walking for a week, Elder and his miner companions arrive in La Paz to demand the reinstatement of their job. Suddenly, Elder starts to feel sick... With the help of the elderly Mamá Pancha, Elder and his friends find work in the market. But Elder’s condition worsens, he’s choking and struggling for breath… Mamá Pancha sends him to Max - a witch doctor, hermit and clown - who may be able to bring the young man back to life. The film presents a symphony of the city’s heights, a worker’s illness, nightmares and redemption.

“I wanted to make a film about La Paz with characters who could provide a singular point of view upon the city. I found these characters in Elder, a young miner, and in Max, a tramp whose peculiar positions in society allowed me to observe the city as a whole, to see its systems, architecture and changes.
Freely inspired by their lives, I imagined this story of illness and healing to take us into the heart of the social fabric of this city and reveal the lives of its invisibles.”
Propos du réalisateur, Kiro Russo

Tue 08/03 16:30 Ciné Utopia ES OV with ENG subt. Public

“It’s a small miracle that such a stylistic pick and mix should cohere into something satisfying, but it does.”  Jonathan Holland, Screen Daily, 6/09/2021

“Kiro Russo imposes his brilliant cinematographic personality... A striking level of chemistry betweenprofound documentary realism and mesmerising fiction.” Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa, 6/09/2021

“One of the major Latin American Film of the year... A fascinating, elusive, majestic and intimate film.” Filmcritic Diego Lerrer

"Kiro Russo has crafted a beguiling and nightmarish look at Bolivia’s capital." Manuel Betancourt, Variety, 21/11/2021

  • Special Jury Prize, Orizzonti Section, Venice Film Festival, 2021 (Italy)
  • Best Film, Orizzonti Section, Venice Film Festival, 2021 (Italy)
Cast & Credits
Julio César Ticona, Max Eduardo Bautista Uchasara, Francisca Arce de Aro, Israel Hurtado, Gustavo Milán Ticona
Kiro Russo
Pablo Paniagua
Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Felipe Gálvez
Mauricio Quiroga, Mercedes Tenina, Juan Pedro Razzari, Emmanuel Croset
Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Felipe Gálvez
Socavón (Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua), Altamar Films (Alexa Rivero), Doha Film Institute, Bord Cadre Films, Sovereign Films (Andreas Roald), Miguel Angel Peñaloza
Best Friends Forever

Born in 1984 in La Paz, Kiro Russo studied at FUC Buenos Aires. His debut feature, Viejo Calavera (Dark Skull), was selected in more than 80 festivals and won 23 awards including the Special Mention of the Jury in Locarno in 2016, the Grand Prize in Cartagena FF, and the Special Mention in San Sebastián FF. Shot in Super 16mm, El Gran Movimiento is his second feature film and won the Special Jury Prize in the Orizzonti section of Venice in 2021.

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