Anna Mantzaris

United Kingdom, 2018 / 2 min / without words / animation, comedy

Part of the short film programme The County Fair

What would happen if you were to impulsively act on your everyday frustrations? 

Have you ever had the sudden urge to do something bad? Something you know is wrong, but you can’t get the thought out of your head? From pushing someone down the stairs, to sniffing a stranger’s hair, Anna Mantzaris explores some of these dark urges in her hilarious and relatable short Enough and lets adorable felt characters act upon impulses we all feel, but decide to ignore.


“I wanted people to think it was funny, but at the same time a little bit painful.” Director’s statement by Anna Mantzaris

  • Best Achievement in a Student Film, European Animation Awards, 2018 (EU)
  • Grand Prize in the Student Film Category, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, 2019 (South Korea)
  • Lottie Reininger Award, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, 2018 (Germany)
  • Audience Award for the Best Student Film, Anima Mundi, 2018 (Brazil)
  • Audience Award, Fantoche, 2018 (Switzerland)
  • Best International Fiction Short Film, Beijing Intl. Short Film Festival, 2018 (China)
  • Audience Award for the weirdest & most wonderful film, 34th International Short Film Festival Interfilm Berlin, 2018 (Germany)
  • Audience Award, Best British Showcase, London International Animation Festival, 2018 (UK)
Cast & Credits
Leanne Brookes
Anna Mantzaris
Donna Gage
André Parklind
Anna Mantzaris
Phil Brookes
Royal College of Art
interfilm Berlin Kurzfilm-Verleih
Anna Mantzaris, Marcos Valin

Anna Mantzaris is a Swedish stop-motion director and animator based in London and Stockholm with an MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art. Her work is often character-driven and she loves to mix humour and melancholy. Her short films But Milk is Important (2012) and Enough (2018) have won over 50 international awards, including the European Animation Award, Vimeo Best of the Year and Walt Disney and Audience Awards at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Her most recent film Good Intentions (2018) premiered at BFI London Film Festival and was awarded at the London International Animation Festival. She also directed different types of commercials and commissions, including a Christmas advert for Greenpeace. She recently worked on Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs (2018) as an assistant animator.

  • 2018 – Good Intentions (court-métrage / short / Kuzfilm)
  • 2018 – Enough (court-métrage / short / Kurzfilm)
  • 2012 – But Milk Is Important (court-métrage / short / Kurzfilm)