Stéphan Roelants

France, 2016 / 52 min / French OV / Documentary

18 months after the Bateau Feu theatre’s reopening in Dunkirk, the Turak theatre company is going to introduce their new play “Une cArMen en Turakie” to the world. During this time, a living puppet play is being developed – a gargantuan task for the company. In their workshops, the camera unveils the group’s story and intimately presents its members, their universe and inventions, – such as their musical machine that delights audiences across the world – and the passion everyone puts into this unique project.

The film accompanies the birth of an intricate play from beginning to end, allowing viewers to revisit the universe of the Turak company and introducing it to those who – until now – knew next to nothing about the French artist.

In partnership with Rotondes.


Thu 01/03 21:30 Rotondes FR OV
Cast & Credits
Michel Laubu, Emili Hufnagel, Géraldine Bonneton, Rodolphe Burger, Fred Roudet, Jeanne Crousaud, Laurent Vichard
Stéphan Roelants
Stéphan Roelants, Aurélien Antézac, Ludovic P, LAC
Mike Butcher
Laurent Vichard
Mélusine Productions

Stéphan Roelants, born 1965 in Mons, Belgium, has been active for almost 30 years in the audiovisual field. He studied law, journalism and economics, but he soon turned to script writing and film production. After his arrival in Luxembourg, he founded Studio 352 in 1996 and Mélusine Productions in 1997, with a focus on animation and documentaries. Amongst his numerous films and TV series, the critically acclaimed and multi-awarded “Ernest & Célestine” (2012) and “Song of the Sea” (2014) stand out.

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