Peter Strickland

United Kingdom, 2018 / 118 min / English OV (EN OV) / Comedy, Horror

Collaboration Cinélunatique
Director Peter Strickland will be in attendance

A twisted and super stylish take on the Giallo genre.

Sheila, a newly divorced bank teller living in a dreary English town, has decided it is time to start dating again. Stuck in a house with her son and his domineering girlfriend, she’s desperately looking forward to going out and escaping the daily rut. To shed her skin. To molt into a marvellous new version of herself. And what better way to do that than with a little retail therapy at the annual January sales that turn the townspeople into raving lunatics? A trip to Dentley & Soper’s Trusted Department store promises a shopping experience like no other. But Sheila starts noticing that something is not quite right about the staff there, from the disconcerting sales talk to their unsavoury night-time get-togethers. And although she ends up finding the perfect dress, she can’t quite shake the feeling that the garment has a mind of its own.

“As much of a loving ode to the transformative power of fine clothing as it is a cheeky condemnation of the consumerism that drives people to buy it, Strickland’s long-awaited new delight might lack the cohesion of his previous film, but In Fabric is cut from the same cloth. At a time when movies are growing more plastic by the day, it’s always a thrill to experience something that’s so attuned to the tactile pleasures of the cinema; to see a movie that you can feel with your fingers even when it bypasses your heart or goes over your head.” David Ehrlich, IndieWire, 7/09/2018



“Peter Strickland fashions a slyly hilarious Italian horror homage about a demonic frock and the even more sinister forces that compel us to shop. […] Patterned after eye-popping giallo films of the 1970s and ’80s — that cult-beloved B-movie genre through which directors such as Dario Argento and Mario Bava crafted high-art imagery in service of less-than-coherent storytelling — In Fabric feels like a bespoke homage to those ultra-stylized Italian thrillers, with a wickedly arch sense of humor all its own, and a wicked other-dimensional vibe courtesy of modular synth group Cavern of Anti-Matter.” Peter Debruge, Variety, 7/09/2018

In Fabric is as wildly, perversely imaginative and visually thrilling as we have come to expect from director Peter Strickland. He follows The Duke of Burgundy (2014) by venturing even further to the outer reaches of the erotic macabre, finding pleasures in everything from shop mannequins to the sound of someone listing washing-machine parts. A potent mix of design and spooky intrigue, the film is bolstered with lashings of oddball humour – Steve Oram and Julian Barratt’s double act is a particular treat – and a hot synth score from Cavern of Anti-Matter. Essential viewing for fashion addicts and those who dig their ghost stories kinky.” Kate Taylor, BFI London Film Festival 2018

“Peter Strickland’s exuberantly designed costume horror has dastardly ways to replenish its crimson accents; its critique of consumerist weakness is ruthless going on sadistic.” Abbey Bender, Sight & Sound, 5/10/2018

“Sumptuously filmed, and with an atmospheric synth score by Cavern of Anti-Matter, this is a flamboyant, sinister and very funny comedy horror.” Demetrios Matheou, the arts desk, 19/10/2018

“The Duke of Burgundy writer-director Peter Strickland returns with a methodical, malevolent piece of cinematic couture.” Keith Uhlich, The Hollywood Reporter, 7/09/2018

  • Best Director, Austin Fantastic Fest, 2018 (USA)
  • 20 Minutes of Audacity Prize, Les Arcs European Film Festival, 2018 (France)
  • Best Cinematography, Les Arcs European Film Festival, 2018 (France)
  • ACCA Jury Prize – Best Film, Mar del Plata Film Festival, 2018 (Argentina)
Cast & Credits
Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Fatma Mohammad, Barry Adamson, Hayley Squires, Leo Bill, Julian Barrett, Steve Oram, Gwendoline Christie
Peter Strickland
Ari Wegner
Martin Pavey
Paki Smith
Cavern of Anti-Matter
Rook Films, BBC Films, Head Gear Films, Metrol Technology
De Filmfreak, Bankside Films

Peter Strickland is a British film director and screenwriter born in 1973. His first feature, Katalin Varga (2009), was produced independently over a four-year period. The film won a Silver Bear in Berlin and the European Film Academy’s Discovery of the Year Award. His next feature, Berberian Sound Studio (2012), won four British Independent Film Awards, including Best Director and Best Actor, and went on to win multiple prizes at international festivals. It screened in Luxembourg City Film Festival’s 2013 Official Competition. In 2014, The Duke of Burgundy (2014), his third feature, was very well-received by critics, establishing his reputation as director with a talent for erotic thrillers and genre films, a direction he pursued with In Fabric (2018).  The same year he also directed two documentaries, The Film that Buys the Cinema (2014) and Björk: Biophilia Live (2014). Besides his work as a director, Strickland is a founding member of The Sonic Catering Band with whom he released over twenty records through his own label.

  • 2018 – In Fabric
  • 2018 – The Cobblers’ Lot (segment in the anthology “The Field Guide to Evil”)
  • 2014 – The Film that Buys the Cinema (documentary)
  • 2014 – The Duke of Burgundy
  • 2014 – Björk: Biophilia Live (documentary)
  • 2012 – Berberian Sound Studio
  • 2010 – Conduct Phase (short)
  • 2009 – Katalin Varga
  • 2004 – A Metaphysical Education (short)
  • 1996 – Bubblegum (short)