Vincent Ravalec

France, Luxembourg, 2019 / 55 min / French and English OV / VR, interactive cinema

Anna, a mainstream TV star with big ambitions, accepts an invitation from her fanclub asking her to spend a weekend with them, in the belief that a director she dreams of working with wishes her to. Her decision soon turns into a nightmare as she is kidnapped by her own superfans who are determined to revive her career through invasive means: by making her feel the emotions she triggered in them. But all is not what it seems, and the motives of Anna’s fans may well be far more complex than simple revenge…

Vincent Ravalec’s first VR film is a reflection on the weight of memory and resilience, in the form of a psychedelic thriller.

Cast & Credits
Sylvie Testud, Mathieu Kassovitz, Denis Lavant, Arthur H, Denis Mpunga, Astrid Roos, Aude-Laurence Biver, Jean-François Wolff, Kester Lovelace
Amandine Klee
Amélie Ravalec
André Mergenthaler
Les Films du Garage

Writer, screenwriter and producer, Vincent Ravalec has written novels, short stories, songs, films, radio plays, comics, web series, essays, cooking recipes, art reviews,  and travel pieces on a variety of topics including: the suburbs, literary circles, witchcraft, real estate, gastronomy, sound, shamanism, space travel, disease, elections, drugs, swing, ecology, good and evil, the end of the world, education, artistic expression, and ...cinema. He brought some of his books to the screen. He has written films for others. He also written comics that he did not draw and songs he did not sing. He founded the production company, Les Films du Garage. His books have received various awards, including the Prix de Flore, the Prix des Bouquinistes and the Prix Auchan. One of his films was shown in Cannes, others have been awarded at various festivals, including Clermont. His web series Addict received the Innovation Award at the Geneva Festival. He is a diamond record holder with Blood for Blood by Johnny Hallyday. He also teachers writing, sometimes in film schools. Passionate about new forms, he writes and directs films in Virtual Reality (Opéra Garnier, Musée d'Orsay). He is a member of Uni-VR and president of the collective, VRSTORY.