Fanny's Journey (Le voyage de Fanny)

Lola Doillon

France, Belgium, 2016 / 94 min / French OV / Drama

Inspired by the true story of Fanny Ben-Ami.

It’s 1943, and France is under German occupation. Thirteen-year-old Fanny and her sisters are sent by their parents to a foster home for Jewish children. With the arrival of the Nazis imminent, their caretaker desperately organises the relocation of the children to Switzerland. Forced to flee their refuge, Fanny becomes the head of a group of eight children who set out on a dangerous mission across a Nazi-ridden France, aiming to reach the Swiss border. Between fear, outbursts of laughter, and unexpected encounters, the small group learns about independence and discovers solidarity and friendship in the midst of tumultuous circumstances.

Bristling with suspense and moving in equal measures, Fanny’s Journey tells the true story of exceptional bravery and survival against all odds

Selection - Kids Jury


"The film is a handsome, compelling period piece that deftly portrays events through the eyes of its young protagonists." Alissa Simon, Variety, 01/06/2016

  • Fritz-Gerlich-Filmpreis – Filmfest München, 2016 (Germany)
Cast & Credits
Léonie Souchaud, Fantine Harduin, Juliane Lepoureau, Cécile de France, Stéphane De Groodt
Lola Doillon, Anne Peyregne d’après l’œuvre de Fanny Ben-Ami
Pierre Cottereau
Pierre-François Limbosch
Sylvain Favre-Bulle, Gisèle Gérard-Tolini
Origami Films, Bee Films
David Films, Scope Pictures, France 2 Cinéma, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Ce qui me meut
TeleScope Film Distribution

Born in 1975 in France, Lola Doillon is film director Jacques Doillon’s daughter. She began working at a very young age in cinema, as an actress in front of her father’s camera in “La Femme qui pleure”, then as an on-set photographer and casting director. In 1999, she worked as an assistant on several films, including “L’Auberge Espagnole” (2002) by Cédric Klapisch, whom she married in 2014. “Fanny’s Journey” is her third full-length feature.

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