Fred Neuen, Mik Muhlen

Luxembourg, 2020 / 8 min / without words / short, animation

Showcase: Shorts Made in/with Luxembourg

The power of dreams takes centre stage in this animated short.

A little creature is trapped in a dying world, until the day it meets a living figment of imagination which introduces it to the power of dreams.

This short film merges a heartbreaking story with exceptional visuals, using a mix of live miniature sets combined with hand-drawn 2D-animated characters.

Mon 09/03 18:30 Kinepolis Kirchberg Without words Public
Cast & Credits
Fred Neuen
Tim Lecomte
Jacques Neuen, Max Hochmuth
Amandine Bruneau
Jacques Neuen, Max Hochmuth
David Leick-Burns

Fred Neuen is a Luxembourgish filmmaker and producer. He is an experienced storyteller in a wide range of fields (writing, directing, editing, presenting and producing) as well as in different genres (although he has a strong preference for off-beat and bizarre genre projects). He likes to explore different formats (fiction, documentary, advertising, on-stage events and series) and is always eager to experiment on new ways of telling a story, be it using animation or live-action. Glow (2020) is his third short.

Mik Muhlen is a Luxembourg based illustrator and designer. He graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2007 from a BA Hons in illustration. In 2009, he started working under the moniker omniscientbeing. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects, from illustration to graphic design, over motion design, art direction, installation and mural art to name a few. His work is mostly influenced by occult and mystical themes and pop culture. Glow (2020) is his latest completed project.

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  • 2020 – Glow (court-métrage / short / Kurzfilm)