Linda Hambäck

Sweden, 2017 / 61 min / German version (DE) / animation, detective story, adventure

A jaded old toad detective and a plucky young mouse join forces to crack a tricky case.

The forest’s police chief Gordon is about to retire and needs to find his successor. Paddy, a clever and ambitious mouse with a great sense of smell seems to be the right candidate. But as soon as he has sworn her in, she finds herself facing her first challenge: two young children have gone missing and the other animals are in a panic, worried the sly fox has returned to the forest. Things might not be what they seem at first, as Gordon and Paddy will soon find out.

A charming tale of friendship, based on the book series by Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spee, with a sly nod to the Scandinavian detective fiction genre, this film explores what it means to grow into roles, challenge prejudices and uncover truths, and reminds young viewers not to judge books by their covers.


Mon 11/03 09:00 Ciné Utopia DE / ALL Scolaire
Fri 15/03 08:45 Ciné Utopia DE / ALL Scolaire
Sun 17/03 14:00 Cinémathèque DE / ALL Public

”Based on the books by Ulf Nilsson and with Stellan Skarsgård bringing gruff gravitas to the role of the detective, Gordon & Paddy employs good humour and much charm in its pastiche of Nordic Noir.” Justin Johnson, London Film Festival, 2018

Cast & Credits
Sven Brieger, Lotta Doll
Jan Vierth, based on the “Detective Gordon” book series by Ulf Nilsson & Gitte Spee
Elinor Bergman, Gabriel Mkrttchian
Mats Blomberg
Ola Larsson
Martin Landquist
LEE Film
Film i Väst
New Europe Film Sales

Born in Seoul in 1974, Linda Hambäck is a Swedish author, director and producer specialising in animated film. After her studies at the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm, she started working at Swedish animation studio FilmTecknarna. There she produced several TV series and acclaimed films, most notably the animated parts of the Academy Award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man (2012) by Malik Bendjelloul, as well as various shorts, including Jonas Odell’s Lies (2008) and Tussilago (2010). In 2011, she founded her own production company, LEE Film. Gordon & Paddy (2017) is her fourth film and first feature in a directing role.

  • 2017 – Gordon och Paddy
  • 2016 – Bajsfilmen - Dolores och Gunellens värld (short)
  • 2014 – Tänk om… (short)
  • 2013 – Fighting Spirit (short)