Salima Sarah Glamine, Dimitri Linder

Belgium, Luxembourg, 2018 / 88 min / French and Urdu OV with French subt. (FR & Urdu OV with FR subt.) / Drama

Luxembourgish Premiere

An arranged marriage threatens the secret relationship of two young lovers.

Amel and Mashir, two young lovers from Brussels, lead a secret relationship. Neither their parents, nor their friends know of their budding romance and even less so about their plan to spend the summer in London together. When Mashir’s family decides to marry him to his cousin Noor, a close friend of Amel’s, their world collapses. Mashir is unable to openly oppose his family and risk disappointing them. In a last-ditch attempt to save the one she loves, Amel will break taboos and violently disrupt the lives of those around her.

“Belgian filmmakers Dimitri Linder and Salima Glamine direct a drama about love and family against a backdrop of community pressure, focusing on two cursed lovers and the collateral damage caused by their impossible love.”Aurore Engelen, Cineuropa, 03/10/2018


Sun 10/03 16:30 Ciné Utopia FR & URDU OV with FR subt. Public

The intensity of For a Happy Life lies partly in this ambivalence, when the border between the executioners and victims becomes blurred, when love results in unreason, when friends and confidantes have conflicting interests. How do you choose between love and loyalty, future and friendship, when you’re only 17 years old? […] Sofia Lesaffre, seen most notably in Heaven Will Wait and Alone, embodies Amel’s will and torment with great energy. Alongside her, newcomer Zeerak Christopher conveys Mashir’s hesitations with subtlety and conviction. The rest of the cast, led by Pascal Elbé (Brillantissime, Heartstrings, TV series Baron Noir) in the role of Amel’s father, acts brilliantly in unison.” Aurore Engelen, Cineuropa, 03/10/2018

  • Prix Cinévox, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, 2018 (Belgium)
  • Critics Award, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, 2018 (Belgium)
  • Audience Award, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, 2018 (Belgium)
Cast & Credits
Sofia Lesaffre, Zeerak Christopher, Pascal Elbé, Atiya Rashid, Arsha Iqbal
Salima Sarah Glamine, Dimitri Linder
Joachim Philippe
Marc Thill, Ken Nnganyadi, François Aubinet, Michel Schillings
Laurie Colson
Antoine Honorez (Napoleon Gold)
Tarantula Belgique, Tarantula Luxembourg
Tarantula Distribution

After having successfully explored acting, most notably under director Thierry Salmon, Dimitri Linder became a location manager for Benoît Mariage, Costa Gavras and Catherine Corsini. Soon after, he collaborated with Bouli Lanners, Merzak Allouache and Julia Ducournau as an assistant director. In 2012, he directed Après 3 minutes, his first short film, co-written with Salima Sarah Glamine. He continued his directorial ambitions with For a Happy Life (2018), his second film and first feature as a director.

Salima Sarah Glamine studied acting at the Cours Florent and at the ESCA. She started her acting career in several theatre productions by Stéphane Olivié Bisson and Véronique Widock, and appeared in feature films and television series such as C.I.D., Tata Bakhta (2011) by Merzak Allouache, or Fabrice Cazeneuve’s Chien de Guerre (2012). In 2012, she co-writes Après 3 minutes with Dimitri Linder. She works with Julia Ducournau on Raw (2016) – selected at the Luxembourg City Film Festival 2017 – as casting director, and on Nicolas Boucart’s Icarus (2017) as acting coach. For a Happy Life (2018) is her directorial debut.

  • Salima Sarah Glamine
  • 2018 – Pour vivre heureux
  • Dimitri Linder
  • 2018 – Pour vivre heureux
  • 2012 – Après 3 minutes (short)